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Your August Monthly Sex Horoscope Is Erupting With Fiery Energy

by Valerie Mesa

The summertime is hot and there's really no better time to unleash your inner sex goddess. This is especially true with the sun transiting through fiery Leo, as it's gifting you with an incredible amount of energy and vitality. However, the sun isn't the only thing peaking right now — your August 2020 monthly sex horoscope is budding with smoldering, fiery passion, and you'll want to use it ASAP.

The supercharged, festive energies of Leo season could seem paradoxical right now given the fact five planets are simultaneously retrograding, which automatically slows things down, but there's always a silver lining, and it's keeping things hot. So if you were worried these retrogrades could have the power to extinguish the fiery chemistry you're feeling right now in your intimate connections, have no fear. Leave it to Mars and Venus to ignite your sexual desires and caramelize your unions — together, these two planets have got you covered.

Each month during a full moon phase, something that needs to be acknowledged or readjusted is brought to your conscious awareness, and this is precisely what you can expect from the upcoming lunation on Aug. 3. In rebellious Aquarius — while in a challenging square to electric Uranus — your relationship with society and whether or not your social connections are aligned with your heart center will become much of your focus.

Knowing what's ahead, combined with the sizzling synergies of Mars and Venus, here's how these celestial vibes could affect your sex life.


Aries: You're Following Your Instincts And Taking The Lead

You're as confident as ever these days, Aries. And with the help of your aggressive planetary ruler, Mars, your supercharged energy levels are finally in harmony with your red-hot passions. A square to powerful Pluto on Aug. 13 could evoke something that's been brewing within you, so be mindful of where and how you're asserting your energy.

Taurus: You're In The Mood To Experiment

Don't be afraid to venture into unknown territory, Taurus. Mars, the planet of sex, is hovering over your secretive 12th house of closure and all things behind the scenes, while the sun energizes your emotional experiences. Though your desires remain a secret, don't hold back from indulging in your fantasies.

Gemini: You're Feeling The Chemistry, Even From A Distance

Your versatility keeps everyone on their toes, Gemini. You can be whoever you want to be and with go-getter Mars igniting your 11th house of friendship groups, your social life will certainly thrive, even over Zoom. There are plenty of opportunities for connection, so make sure you stay open to connection.

Cancer: You're Taking Charge And Making An Impression

You're the boss, Cancer. In addition to being blessed with Venus' sparkling presence and charming lure once she enters your sign, aggressive Mars will activate your traditional 10th house of prestige and reputation. Naturally, this combination of energies will work in your favor, and in more ways than one. Knowing this, don't be afraid to take charge.

Leo: You're Ready To Express Your Affections, But In Private

Can you keep a secret, Leo? In addition to your inner restlessness and desire for adventure, August will catch you by surprise when you find yourself growing feelings for someone in your social network. Venus' shift into Cancer via your 12th house of all things behind the scenes will set the mood for your wildest dreams.

Virgo: You're Craving Intensity And Intimate Connections

You're on fire, Virgo. Thanks to aggressive Mars igniting your erotic eighth house of sex, transformation, and intimacy, you're looking to merge with another mind, body, and soul. Venus' shift into Cancer via your experimental 11th house of friendships could spark an exhilarating connection, so keep your options open.

Libra: You're Reigniting The Fire In Your Relationships

Spice things up in your relationship, Libra. Go-getter Mars is activating your committed seventh house of one-on-one partnerships, and things are getting hot all of a sudden. The carnal instincts between you and your significant other are as alive as ever, so don't let this surge of passion go to waste.

Scorpio: You're In The Mood To Get Physical

Blow off some steam, Scorpio. With aggressive Mars — your traditional planetary ruler — activating your physical sixth house of health, details, and acts of service, you're as energized as ever. You're using your body to express your desires and with Venus pirouetting through your exotic ninth house of the unknown, you're also looking forward to your next adventure.

Sagittarius: You're Fearlessly Indulging In Your Desires

There's a fire igniting in you from within, Sagittarius. Red-hot Mars is activating your expressive fifth house of attraction, romance, passion, and creativity, and you love being center of attention. Charming Venus is also swimming through your erotic eighth house of intimacy and all things taboo, so you're fearlessly owning your sex appeal.

Capricorn: Your Inner Strength Is A Major Turn On

Your inner fire is attractive, Capricorn. This is especially true with sexy Mars igniting your domestic fourth house of emotional instincts and inner experiences. Also, with Venus charming your committed seventh house of one-on-one relationships, no one can seem to get enough of you, so take a break from the hustle and soak it all up.

Aquarius: You're Using Your Powers Of Persuasion

Talk that talk, Aquarius. Aggressive Mars is activating your chatty third house of communication and immediate exchanges, and your small talk is nothing short of desirable. Luscious Venus is also caramelizing your sixth house of routine so whether it's the cutie at your local coffee shop or your work crush, you're making quite an impression.

Pisces: You're Basking In Your Sensual Delights

It's all about body language, Pisces. With assertive Mars igniting your pleasure-seeking second house of sensuality, comfort, and glee, you're on a mission to experience your own kind of rapture. Venus is also sashaying through your expressive fifth house of romance, so don't hesitate to indulge in your fantasies.