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It's The Last Week Of Leo Season & Your August 17 Weekly Horoscope Has The 411


You're in the last stretch of Leo season, so use this week to do all the last-minute Leo things you've had swirling through your mind. Remember, Leo loves being on stage, where everyone can bask in Leo's ultimate glory and connect with Leo on a wide scale. Leo is an incredibly creative, romantic, and passionate zodiac sign with a flair for the dramatic. Leo favors grand gestures, artistic expression, self-love, and bold moves. How will you make the most out of Leo season 2020? Don't waste any time, because your August 17, 2020 weekly horoscope is here.

On August 22, the sun will enter Virgo — but don't let this news fill your heart with woe, because there are so many reasons to feel excited for this next season. After all, this change represents the natural progression of the zodiac wheel.

However, Leo season has been a far cry from the golden, playful, and carefree vibes of summer. After all, you've been enduring some immensely heavy transits and they've likely been testing both your patience and your will. Luckily, this week, you're receiving some positive reinforcement and it will help you conquer the obstacles standing in your way.

Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — will form a trine with determined and energetic Mars on August 17, starting the week off with a motivational pull. This will help you think more clearly, speak with more intention, and focus on the task at hand. When the sun later forms a conjunction with Mercury on the same date, the power to succeed will be all the more enhanced. Not only will your mental and physical gears be turning, but a flush of confidence will protect you as you move forward.

This week also contains a powerful opportunity to start fresh. You might find yourself forming a new relationship, partnership, and friendship when Venus — planet of love — forms a sextile with innovative and eccentric Uranus on August 18. You'll likely feel drawn to meeting someone new; someone who inspires you to become more independent and proud of who you are. When a new moon in Leo takes place on August 18, it will call on you to let go of whatever is preventing you from experiencing a deeper and more profound joy. Leo rules over the inner child; the innocent part of you that exists behind the adult armor you wear, ready to come out and play.



Write down your ideas this week. Chances are, they're more brilliant than you realize. In fact, one of these ideas may just be the spark that lights an artistic fire within your soul. It's time to give yourself permission to be creative. Remember, it's a human act. Reach out to others. Communicate and express these ideas to those you care about. Someone else may have valuable input.


What is preventing you from feeling comfortable in your home environment? What conflicts are lingering between you and your closest loved ones? Chaos, disorganization, and poor communication may be contributing to a feeling of unease. Work through these problems with nurturing, love, and care. You are building a foundation stronger than ever before.


Turn the volume up on your inner voice. What is it that you've been wanting to say? What knowledge have you been hungry for? Your brain is bursting with power, so take time to study topics you care about and talk about problems that are currently troubling you. Don't just sit around reading books and daydreaming — get your hands dirty. The best way to learn something is through trial and error.


Your focus is drawing in on your financial status. You may have suffered a loss recently or you may be dealing with a chaotic shift. Don't drift too far away from your center, because these shifts are motivating you to work even harder than before. Sometimes, when something breaks, it becomes even stronger once it's rebuilt. It incorporates a magic that could only be gained through strife.



You've been thinking a lot about who you are and what your purpose is. Are you doing what you love? Are you following your intended path? These questions could take a lifetime to answer, so don't pressure yourself into choosing something overnight. For now, take stock of where you are in life and accept your limitations and strengths. Work with what you have. The answers will unveil themselves slowly.


You're in some major need of quiet. If you feel overwhelmed, don't be sorry for lessening your workload or postponing busy events. Right now, you're undergoing some major spiritual downloads and you need that alone time in order to process them. Your sensitivities are high, as is your reception to therapy. Dig deep and identify what it is that's still hurting you. It may be time to simply feel the pain.


You're in an incredible position to make new friends and meet new people. Others are noticing your potential and all that you bring to the table. If you reach out and make solid connections, there will be so many opportunities awaiting you. In fact, if you have an idea for a group project or endeavor, now's the time to get the ball rolling. It could make such a positive impact on your career.


If you're feeling restless at the moment, it's because you have so many lofty goals and ambitions. Your desire to succeed is coursing through your veins. However, your fear of failure may be getting in your way of trying in the first place. Try having a different perspective of failure. Cherish each failure and view them as grit. Your failures make you that much closer to your ultimate success.



After enduring so much this year, you may be struggling to find your faith. It may feel hard to believe in something, because so many things may have let you down. However, you're on the verge of beginning a journey that's bound to take you far. Open your heart to all possibilities, even the possibilities you never would have thought of. The key that you've been searching for lies in the unknown.


You're learning so much about your ability to share with others; to trust someone to catch you whenever you fall. Being self-sufficient is important, as is maintaining your independence and setting firm boundaries. However, togetherness is human, and to deny yourself togetherness is to deny the part of you that craves connection. Open your heart to someone and watch them open theirs to you.


This week represents a new beginning in your relationships. You may meet someone who changes life as you know it. You may find yourself strengthening your current relationships and thinking about how you can be a better partner yourself. What you're realizing more than anything is that relationships take work. The more energy and heart you put into them, the more you get.


You're cleansing your body and soul this week; banishing all the stale, negative energy that's been clouding your space. Think about what routines and regimens you could start following that will help you complete more work while maintaining your peace of mind. You're embracing so much creative energy this week. However, you need discipline in order to make something out of it.