Your Aries Best Friend Is Everything You Could Ask For In Your Person

A lot of what people need to know about us is written in the stars. I like to believe that the universe has it all figured out, right down to our friendships. Like some of you, my guilty pleasure is reading horoscopes and learning as much as possible about the zodiac signs. One of my besties is an Aquarius, and the other is a Virgo, and everything about their personalities fits right in with what the galaxy had in mind for my friendships. Your Aries best friend is likely everything you could ask for, and you're thanking the cosmos for that one. She's your person, and you wouldn't want it any other way.

Like the element of Fire, she lights up your life like no other. She is always a ball of energy that seemingly will never run out. She doesn't quite care about what others think of her, and isn't afraid to chase after her dreams. You would think at some point she'd get tired of facing those obstacles, but she never fails to look at them as an opportunity instead.

When it comes to your crew, she's likely the leader, and always looking for someone to hang with her on the next adventure. With this girl as your person, you're feeling like you have everything you could ever ask for in a friend.

She's Always Seeing The Bright Side

Leave it to your Aries friend to always find the bright side in any situation. Seriously, you would think she's was made out of rays from the sun, because at any given moment, she's radiating positivity.

Truth is, she faces challenges all the time, and actually thrives from them. She loves being handed a curveball in life, and knows there's always a way to untangle the mess. She'll use her smarts and amazing social skills to figure out any problem, and always has an inspired idea in the works. When it comes to picking your person, she's the one you want, because she'll keep you seeing the glass half full instead of half empty.

She Won't Let You Give Up

Giving up is never an option, especially when you have an Aries for a best friend. This girl is always the one to dive head-first into a dilemma, and wouldn't ever imagine just running away from a problem. She'll be your trusty sidekick when things get tough, and the one you go to when you need to be lifted up instead of let down.

All of those long nights in the library during college when you were studying for exams? Yeah, she was the girl bringing the best snacks and coffee to your cubby, and reminding you that you can handle whatever comes your way. Pretty sweet, huh?

She Reminds You Of Your Worth

Your Aries bestie knows that she's got it good having a friend like you. She'll be the first to remind you that you're made of solid gold. Especially when you're down on yourself, or just not getting what you want out of a relationship, she'll share some of her endless confidence and maybe even a crown. She doesn't ever want you to question your worth, and will step in when you're feeling blue.

Having a bestie like this is lucky, and you probably appreciate this about her the most. In your 20s, you've stopped having certain friends because they didn't support you this way. Thank goodness this Aries is around.

She's Always Making The Plans

Your crew has a serious problem sometimes with making plans. Truth is, when you have a big group of friends, it can be incredibly difficult. Someone's always hungry, while the other is just sending memes. Getting everyone to focus is an adventure in itself.

But, the Aries always takes charge, so you and your besties are truly never bored. It's in her nature to be a leader. She'll suggest that you all go hiking after work, and rents the car for the road trip you've been wanting to take down the California coastline. Phew! You weren't sure how that was all going to get done.

She Gets You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone can be, well, comfortable most of the time. But, especially when you're 20-something, you may want to challenge yourself to see what else is out there. Maybe that means following your wanderlust and traveling abroad, or just saying "hi" to a cute guy across the bar. Whatever it may be, it might feel unnatural at first, but that doesn't mean it's bad.

The Aries bestie in your friend crew will constantly try and get you to do something different. She'll bring you along to go rock climbing, or will encourage you to take that business class even though you're worried about the exams. Sometimes we all need a person in our lives to push our personal boundaries like that, and show us it's good to take some risks.

She's A Team Player

Although girls who are Aries typically take on the leadership role in a group, your bestie is also great at being a team player. Sure, she may be the captain, but she won't ever be afraid to go along with an adventure that wasn't in her original plan.

In that way, you love having her around, because she lets you take the spotlight at times, and honestly doesn't cause much of a fuss. She won't have much patience when waiting is involved, or when she doesn't feel like she's living her best life. But, you two have likely been besties for awhile now, so you know exactly how to cheer her up, too. After all, being part of a team means you have to be there for your person, as well.

She's Always Being Straightforward

The Aries best friend is always going to be blunt. She truly doesn't beat around the bush, and sometimes, that's for the best. Sure, when your feelings are on the table, having someone be so straightforward and honest can hurt more than it can help. But, in the long run, you're grateful that she told you what's good sooner rather than later. Her intentions are always genuine, so you know it's for the best.

You never have to wonder what this girl is thinking, and she'll be quick to share her opinions when it comes up in conversation. When you're looking for a person, you don't have to pull out binoculars or wander the world very far. She's everything you're looking for, because of these few things.