Your April 2020 Sex Horoscope Is Liberating And Mentally Stimulating

Your April Sex Horoscope Is About Experimenting With Your Individual Freedom

by Valerie Mesa
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Quarantine and chill? Despite the undeniable chaos happening all around the world, your April 2020 sex horoscope is quite refreshing, to say the least. Granted, there's only so much you can do, especially in the midst of social distancing, but the good news is chemistry knows no boundaries.

Chemistry is an excellent word to describe the essence of Mars in Aquarius. If you're wondering why I'm suddenly referring to the planet Mars, it's because this heavenly body governs sexual desire. Everything from your carnal instincts to your adrenaline levels is governed by Mars, and sexuality is no exception. In rebellious Aquarius, the god of war approaches sex both logically and unconventionally. Inspired by eccentricity and individual freedom, Mars in Aquarius seeks the ideal society and prefers "free love."

However, the red planet will be traveling alongside Saturn in the beginning of the month, which means there's no escaping the taskmaster planet's ruthless pragmatism. This could definitely put a damper on things, but on a much brighter note, Mars will begin doing its own thing right before the sun shifts into Taurus on April 19.

The planet of red-hot passion will also link up with coquettish Venus during this time, as she sashays through the curious sign of Gemini. This celestial combo will create a flirtatious synergy, and who better than these two airs signs to inspire romance?

To sext or not to sext, that is the question. In the meantime, here's what April can do for your libido — whether you're practicing safe sex amid the coronavirus outbreak or virtually hooking up — according to your zodiac sign:


Aries: Friends With Benefits Doesn't Sound Too Shabby

There's a time and place for everything, Aries. Thanks to red-hot Mars starting a sexual revolution via your friendship sector, however, right now it's no strings attached. Also, tech-friendly is an understatement (so sexting is definitely an option).

Taurus: You're Taking Charge, But In An Unconventional Way

You have a vision, Taurus. It doesn't matter whether you're befriending your authority figures or putting your eccentricities on display. You're as bold as ever and nothing's getting in your way, even during this time of social distancing. Also, your cute coworker is smitten after watching you slay that webinar.

Gemini: You're Unapologetically Sliding Into People's DMs

Swipe right and double tap it, Gemini. Your irresistibly charming twin has officially taken over, and from the looks of it, you're back to your thrill-seeking ways. Truth is, you're looking for some tantalizing mental tennis. If it can be with your live-in SO, great; if it has to be via direct message or text, then so be it.

Cancer: You're Secretly Indulging In Your Sci-Fi Desires

Admit it, Cancer. Sex is an experiment and you're a genius in the bedroom. Also, with ravishing Venus dancing behind the scenes via your 12th house of secrets, karma, and closure, you're getting ready to test your hypothesis with your partner.


Leo: You're Looking For Someone Rebellious And Unique

All it takes is a freedom-loving intellectual to light your fire, Leo. Also, with red-hot Mars on the prowl via your committed seventh house of relationships, you and this potential prospect could easily start off as friends, too. Get creative with how you get your flirt on this month.

Virgo: You've Got The Hots For Someone Local

With fiery Mars igniting your submissive sixth house of health and due diligence, the stars are blessing you with bizarre encounters you'll never forget — maybe even with the person who delivered your last Postmates order. You're pretty sexy when you're rebellious, you know, so asking for his number — from a respectable 6-foot+ distance — is totally acceptable.

Libra: You're Ready To Spice Things Up In Your Sex Life

The more the merrier, Libra. You're sexually attracted to more than one person right now, because the more variety, the better. You're also still in contact with an ex you met while traveling abroad and, well... seems like now's the perfect time to check in.

Scorpio: You're Slaying This New Life, In More Ways Than One

You're into the whole quarantine and chill vibes, Scorpio. With Mars igniting your fourth house of home, you'll be all about self-care and self-pleasuring, even if it means sprucing up your living space in order to create the ultimate sanctuary. Techie gadgets included, of course.


Sagittarius: You're Having Fun Experimenting With Your Partner

Games are fun, Sagittarius. Besides, with red-hot Mars igniting your intellectual third house of communication and thought process, you're probably 10 steps ahead of the game. Lady Venus is also caramelizing your one-on-one partnerships and conversations, so have fun with it.

Capricorn: You're Seeing The Value In Sexy Electronics

You're allowed to splurge every now and then, Capricorn. With go-getter Mars shaking up your financial sector in futuristic Aquarius, you'll likely be on an online shopping spree and with more than one tab open. Sultry Venus is also charming your orderly sixth house, so don't be afraid to be hands on. It's all about the details.

Aquarius: Your Sex Appeal Is So Magnetic, It's Disruptive

Your lightning gaze is crystal clear, Aquarius. You of all people know there's no such thing as another you, but with Lady Venus moonwalking through your expressive fifth house of pizzazz, you're catching people off guard with your fatal charm, even on the internet. Also, don't hesitate to tap into your Uranian powers, especially if you're in the mood for mind sex.

Pisces: You're Astral Projecting And Reveling In Your Solitude

You're always looking for something out of this world, Pisces. Although, with the help of Mars and Venus, you're finally discovering the beauty within yourself. Simply knowing that you are a sacred experience all on your own is key. Then again, nothing beats having subliminal sex with your crush, so tell them to meet you in your dreams.

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