Your April Career Horoscope Will Remind You To Not Be So Hard On Yourself

First of all, there's absolutely nothing wrong with you if you're feeling stagnant in your career. I mean, the majority of us are just trying to get through the day. If you somehow manage to resist procrastination and relentlessly go after your goals, then you're in the minority. In fact, you deserve a gold star. The rest of us are hushing our nagging inner-voice as it tells us we're not truly fulfilled in our careers. It's so easy to get sucked into a job that's not your dream job, landing you in a cycle of paying bills and living for the weekends. It's a lot harder to say, "Enough is enough," and make a drastic change. If you're up for the challenge, your April 2018 career horoscope will prove there's no better time than the present.

For one thing, April is full of career-revitalizing planetary aspects. On April 15, Mercury retrograde will come to an end, making it the perfect time to start a new project. That very same day provides a new moon in Aries, causing excitement and ambition to course through your veins as you embark on a new journey. On April 29, the seedlings you planted on that new moon will reach new heights in a vigorous full moon in Scorpio. All of this happens while Mars is in the most career-oriented sign of all: Capricorn. The sun also moves into Taurus on April 19, which steadies you on your path to success.


Your career planet, Saturn, moves into retrograde on April 17. This will slow things down, so try not to pressure yourself into making any serious moves right now. You might not feel as motivated as usual, which is OK. Use this month to reflect on how far you've come and brainstorm ideas for the future. Ride each wave with ease. Set aside time for introspection and rest.


Your tenth house of social status is all lit up by your career planet, Uranus. If you take advantage of this motivating energy, you will go far. Put your laser-sharp focus to good use this month. Set your mind on a goal and stay married to it. Take risks and make your strengths known. You have all the power to take your career to the next level.


You'll feel contentment stretching all around your career this month. You will feel a sense of trust in your path, especially with dreamy Neptune powering your tenth house of social status. There will be no doubt that you're on your way somewhere beautiful, even if things have been rough. Since your self-esteem is heightened, the work you produce will be even better than usual.


The majority of planets are sitting in the northern section of your chart, indicating that career will be your main concern this month. You have a super-charged sense of self and ambition floods your entire being. With the Taurus sun moving into your eleventh house of friendship, you'll find success in your network of connections. Get out there and socialize.


Venus is currently infusing your tenth house of social status with grace and poise. Your charisma will be at an all-time high this month. You'll be able to revitalize your career through your charm and wit. This is the perfect time to perform, to put yourself at the center-stage and impress your superiors and colleagues. Become the face of your ambitious and leave an imprint in everyone's mind.


Your financial planet, Venus, infuses your ninth house of philosophy with energy from Taurus. This will leave you with a renewed confidence over your earnings, allotting you with strength to widen your opportunities. On April 24, Venus will then move into your tenth house of social status, only furthering your ability to succeed at work.


You may be forced to hang-tight on your career prospects this month. Your financial planet, Pluto, moves into retrograde on April 22, causing you to focus more on survival than going after your dreams. This is only a minor bump in the road, however, and it will help you rethink the way you handle money. The wisdom you gain will serve you later on in your career trajectory.


With Mars instilling your third house of communication with energy from ambitious Capricorn, this month provides a ton of opportunities for your career. You'll be able to talk yourself up with ease, to shine a light on your accomplishments. You'll feel gravitated towards successful people and you'll want to pick their brain and show them what you're made of. Something amazing can come out of this.


Mars is in Capricorn and it powers your second house of finance with motivating energy. This will push you to work harder, to rake in more money than you ever have. You will be more business-minded and it's a perfect month to expand your enterprise, to think bigger in your career. Use this ambition to catapult yourself to the next level.


The new moon in Aries shimmers in your tenth house of career, motivating you to finally begin laying down the groundwork for a dream you've always had. You'll be moving fast this month — Mars in Capricorn is making sure of that. You will feel like filling your schedule up completely, like there's no rest for the wicked. Make sure you don't wear yourself out.


The retrograde of your career planet, Pluto, may put the excitement in your career to a grinding halt. However, if you let things be, your career will blossom on its own. Allow things to unfold naturally. Forcing things may just make you feel frustrated. In the meantime, trust that there's a bright light at the end of the tunnel. If you relax, you'll be able to see it.


With all the constant excitement happening in your career and social life, the retrograde of Jupiter — your career planet— may actually help you more than harm you. You require quiet time in order to be your best and this much-needed calm will allow you to reassess your plans, to let your prospects grow on their own. Things sometimes move faster when you're not paying attention.