How Mercury In Retrograde Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

As of March 23, 2018, Mercury retrograde has officially arrived. If you know anything about this maelstrom of astrological chaos, you already know that you're supposed to dread it with every fiber of your being. And why shouldn't you? It entails three full weeks of confusion, frustration, and mayhem. Mercury rules over communication, technology, transportation, and planning. When this planet goes into retrograde, all those aspects of our existence become more challenging. As it appears to roll backwards in the sky, Mercury grows spiteful of the world and pours that negative energy directly into our lives. The way Mercury retrograde 2018 affects each zodiac sign only specifies the nature of that negativity.

I know, I know. I've really gone to town instilling fear in all of you about Mercury's wrath — however, the amount of wisdom you may glean during this tricky period is infinite. Things are bound to go wrong. These inconveniences will not only test your patience but also, your strength. You'll learn things about yourself and the world around you that may completely transform your perspective.

Despite its anxiety-inducing effect on us, it's important to remember that Mercury retrograde reflects the natural cycle of life. We all go through highs and lows. Life is a never-ending roller coaster ride. It's during the most terrifying and uncertain parts that we experience the most growth.


Since this retrograde influences your first house of the self, you'll likely feel its effects emanating from your presence in the room. There may be a disconnect between your true feelings and the way you communicate those feelings. Others may misinterpret the vibes you're giving off, leading you to feel unsure of yourself. Don't place too much stock in how others perceive you. The only person who knows the truth right now is you.


Mercury exposes its retrograde in your twelfth house of self-destruction. You may be rushing through things and taking the leap before you're ready. You might unfairly judge others and misconstrue the safety of situations. This may land you in a few predicaments if you're not paying attention. Sharpen your perception and remain hyperaware of everything. It could save you from something getting involved with terrible.


This retrograde drives a wedge into your eleventh house of friends. You might feel like you can't relate to people you hold close to your heart, like you're not sure who you can trust. This may cause you to isolate yourself and hurt your own feelings as you concoct nightmarish scenarios in your head. If you reach out to your loved ones and discuss your feelings with extreme care, it could possibly quell all your anxieties.


Your tenth house of social status will reflect the energy from Mercury retrograde. You might feel pulled to challenge authority figures in your life and this might make you look brash or insolent. If you have something necessary to discuss with a superior, you should either hold off on it until retrograde is over or take great care when articulating your concerns. You don't want to mar your relationship with a misunderstanding.


Mercury retrograde will occur in your ninth house of philosophy and journeys. You may experience frustrations while learning and inconveniences while traveling. It would be best to postpone any travel plans until retrograde is over and to not start any new educational projects. If you have no choice, prepare as far in advance as possible and make sure you double-check all the arrangements before you go through with them.


You'll experience the effects of Mercury retrograde in your eighth house of reincarnation. This can derail sources of income and financial plans. It could also lead to frustrations in your sex life. Try not to rely on anyone for money but yourself, and hold off on making any financial commitments until this retrograde is over. If you need to air out your feelings with your partner, do so with sensitivity and care.


Mercury retrograde will stir up a storm in your seventh house of partnerships. You may feel like you and your partner aren't seeing eye to eye, rocking the boat in your relationship. Hold off on making or breaking commitments to your partner and if you need to engage in a serious conversation, navigate the drama with empathy and understanding. Now is not the time to indulge in a shouting match or a petty argument.


You will experience the intensity of Mercury retrograde in your sixth house of health. Your to-do list may be in shambles and you might feel like you're not getting anything important done, like your priorities are in disarray. Combat this by getting things done one at a time. Stressing yourself out only makes things worse. Take care of your mental and physical health before anything else. Your well-being is all that matters right now.


Your fifth house of pleasure will be affected by Mercury retrograde. You may feel brazen enough to act upon every instinct, like there will be no repercussions for overindulging on luxury. You may overspend or overstep your limits. "Over" will essentially be the key word for the next few weeks. Keep yourself in check and make sure to balance out your bliss by getting all the necessary work done.


You'll feel the effects of Mercury retrograde in your fourth house of the home and family. You may experience intense upheaval at home and feel that your relationships with other family members are more challenging than usual. Hold off on making any drastic decisions having to do with your home base, such as moving out or redecorating. Also, be especially mindful of the way you communicate with other members of the family.


This Mercury retrograde will have a major influence on your third house of communication. You may fumble over your words or say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Take great care when articulating your feelings; when writing emails or text messages, double-check that everything is in order before hitting send. Miscommunications could land you in some inconvenient situations. There is no shame in asking for clarification if you're confused.


Your second house of money and material wealth is absorbing energy from Mercury retrograde. You might feel uncomfortable with your financial state, like you don't have enough money or you've been spending it irresponsibly. Hold back and spend only on your most basic necessities. Use this time to rethink your spending habits and brainstorm new ways to accumulate wealth. By the time this retrograde is over, things should regenerate.