Here’s How Jupiter In Retrograde Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you thought Mercury in retrograde was the only astrological phenomenon you needed to worry about, you were wrong. On Mar. 8, Jupiter went into retrograde, and in many ways, this will be a far more terrifying monster. Jupiter rules over our intellectual growth, the expansion of our souls, and our deepest values as human beings. Prepare for your personal life to be turned upside down, because how Jupiter in retrograde affects you starts from deep within.

For the next four months, this retrograde will happen while Jupiter is in Scorpio. If there's one thing you know about this water sign, it's that it does not f*ck around. Its emotions run thick through your veins, powering you with passion and strife. You may feel like you've been living your life completely wrong. Your eyes will be opened to the many problems you've been oblivious to. You may wonder where you went wrong, if this is truly the person you want to be.

I'm telling you, it's gonna be scary. You may not be able to rely on your previous comforts and beliefs. You'll probably need to make drastic changes to your life that coincide with your revelations. Relationships may end, career paths can change, and your overall perspective of yourself will be altered.

But here's the bright side: By the time it's over, you'll have a newfound ability to be even more true to yourself than you were before. You'll also embrace an even deeper sense of happiness. Embrace the change, my dears, and hold on tight.


Your impulsive nature often propels you to make an impact on the outside world, to create and destroy at a rapid rate. During this retrograde, you're going to feel a strange need for calm, for peace of mind. Normally, this is the last thing you want. You may find yourself becoming more of a homebody, more contemplative and quiet. You'll have to find some values and hobbies to match your new needs.


You normally need a steady ground to walk on. You like knowing where you stand and what to expect, preparing for things far in advance. During this retrograde, you'll feel overtaken by spontaneity, rushing through things and jumping on opportunities before thinking it through. This is a completely foreign way of dealing with things, but you need to embrace it. You're going somewhere you need to go.


You're so used to bouncing from one persona to the other, to pleasing everyone around you, to adapting to new environments. This retrograde will force you to embody one identity, and one identity alone. You're going to be the purest version of yourself wherever you go, alienating some and gratifying others. You're not used to making enemies, but you're also not used to making close friends so easily, either. Embrace it — you're learning who you can trust.


You tend to cling closely to the ones you love, to let your emotions dictate your overall sense of self. You won't feel comforted by intimate energy as much as you usually do during this retrograde. Instead, you'll feel compelled to meet strangers, to let your mind guide the way while your heart rides in the backseat. Not everything needs to be an emotional journey. Sometimes, we need to hold it together and do what needs to be done. This retrograde will teach you that.


Normally, you crave the spotlight, wanting all eyes on you. You enjoy being the best and seeing your name in lights. But during this retrograde, you may feel like meshing into the background and having a sense of privacy. You'll want to watch someone else go after their success, and maybe you'll become their motivating force. This retrograde will show you that sometimes, the most gratifying feeling is helping someone else win first place.


Your life revolves around organization, hard work, and meticulousness. During this retrograde, you're going to make a mess. This is gonna make you feel like you're falling behind, but in the midst of all the chaos, you'll discover colors you never knew existed. Sometimes, there are more important things in life than keeping everything spotless and clean. Sometimes, the mess is the most beautiful part.


You're normally afraid of addressing conflict, of getting your hands dirty in something difficult. During this retrograde, you'll feel moved to have those tough conversations, to talk about aspects of your past that have been hurtful. The darkness will feel comforting, and any artificial positivity will repulse you. This retrograde will show you how to embrace your true feelings, no matter how ugly they might be.


You're normally one of the most passionate and loyal people in the room. Sometimes it's hard for you to give up on something, no matter how much people tell you that you should. This retrograde will teach you how to let go of toxic things you've been hanging on to, no matter how tight your grip has been. You need to make room for your next adventure and if your heart is too concerned with your past, you won't be able to see what lies in your future.


Adventure, variety, spontaneity — all of these things normally make your world go round. During this retrograde, you're going to feel more down to earth, with a desire to feel safe, grounded, and comfortable. You might worry you're not filling your time with enough new experiences, but oftentimes, the most exciting things in life are found right at home. Commitment will soothe your heart, and you'll learn how rewarding it can be.


You have tunnel-vision on your projects. You allow nothing to stand in your way, and you won't stop until you've accomplished what you're after. During this retrograde, you're going to feel like going with the flow and letting things fall into place on their own. In life, you can't always force things to go the way you want them to. Sometimes, the greatest success happens when you're not obsessing over it.


You're normally a distant wanderer, wanting to move through life as a gentle breeze, clinging to nothing. During this retrograde, you'll want to find something you can hold on to. Whether this is a person, a place, or even a hobby, you'll want to devote yourself completely. You're going to fear that you're giving up your freedom, but the benefits of concentrating all your philanthropic energy on one thing instead of a grand cause is sometimes the most important effect you can have on the world.


You're a sensitive, soft soul, and you spend so much of your life living in your imagination. During this retrograde, you'll feel like making a mark on the world, like making a drastic impact on your life in a very literal sense. This reckless vitality will feel strange to you, and you might worry you're selfishly taking up too much space. However, sometimes you need to embrace your true instincts in order to reach your fullest potential, to make your name known. No one else is going to do it for you.