Don't Panic, But Here's How Jupiter In Retrograde Will Impact Your Life

If you've recently felt a major shift in your life that's causing you to see everything differently, you're not alone. Jupiter Retrograde 2018 begins on Mar. 8, and I know I'm already feeling the effects of this astrological phenomenon. Jupiter rules over intellectual expansion, your growth as a human being, and the discovery of your true purpose. When it goes into retrograde, you'll be plunged into some uncomfortable introspection that often unearths aspects of your life that haven't been serving you well, so make sure you take a deep breath. For the next four months, Jupiter retrograde is gonna rock your world.

Since this particular retrograde is happening while Jupiter lies in Scorpio, the most intense water sign of all time, this spiritual renovation is bound to be revolutionary. We all have toxic vices that we cling to, and superficial values that negatively impact our ability to reach overall happiness. During this retrograde, you'll start noticing certain things, like how your thought process has been tormenting you, or all the unethical ways you've been treating yourself and others. There's an endless amount of cataclysmic realizations about the way you live your life that may dawn on you during this time. But as long as you embrace it, you could be a new and improved version of yourself by the time it's over.

As terrifying as this may feel, Jupiter retrograde is an opportunity to admit your flaws, and take steps to change yourself for the better. Here are a few suggestions to help you get the most out of this strange experience.

Reach Out To Your Loved Ones

You're going to feel weighed down by some pretty heavy thoughts during Jupiter retrograde. Spending quality time with people you trust will help alleviate the burden. Be vulnerable and share the feelings that are plaguing you with others. Even though it may not seem like it, you're not the first person to feel the way you do, and chances are, your loved ones will be able to relate to you better than you think. Keeping these things to yourself will only make the problems worse as they eat away at you from the inside.

Even more important: Reach out to people you feel you may have harmed in some way, if possible. If you're coming to realizations that you're at fault for a few strained relationships in your life, contacting these people to hash it out can make all the difference. Apologize to them if necessary. On the flip side, if you're realizing you haven't been treated fairly by someone important to you, bringing it up in a calm and understanding manner can also do wonders for your relationships in the long-term.

Commit To A Spiritually Grounding Routine

Don't allow yourself to fall into a spiral of negative thinking during Jupiter retrograde. If you feel debilitating anxiety coming on, do whatever you can not to wallow in it. If you commit to practices that ground your spirit during this time, you'll process the messages that Jupiter retrograde is trying to send you with ease.

It could be a good idea to sign yourself up for some yoga classes, to partake in some daily meditation, to spend time near the ocean or any other body of water whenever you feel stressed, or to write three pages of stream of consciousness in your journal every morning. Even if you end up writing the same sentence over and over again, the ritual will organize the clutter in your head so you can think more clearly.

Try not to be too hard on yourself either. During Jupiter retrograde, it's completely normal to fall behind on projects, to run late, and to forget important pieces of information. When you screw up, the natural thing to do is punish yourself. Instead, treat yourself to something soothing.

Remain Open To New Perspectives

Your mind is going to feel a bit like putty during Jupiter retrograde. The beliefs and values that you steadfastly cling to will be tested, and you won't always know what's true and what's not. So, remain open-minded to new viewpoints that could feel terrifying. Your mind will eat everything up.

Read books that challenge everything you thought you knew. Have an earnest conversation with someone who's nothing like you at all. Watch a bizarre film that you'd never pick, or travel to a place you've never been before. Try not to reject ideas just because they feel ridiculous to you. Even if you don't agree with something, there could be a kernel of truth in there that will stick with you.

Remember that Jupiter rules over your ability to learn, and even though your world may feel like it's been turned upside down during this retrograde, it's also, strangely enough, Jupiter's largest opportunity to learn something. Through the pain, you'll find all the answers.