Jupiter Starts Its Retrograde Today, So Get Ready For Your Luck To Change

by Rosey Baker
Cloud Studio

Let's start this with an understanding of one very crucial premise: You create your own reality.

It's important to understand that before utilizing any spiritual tool, be it tarot, numerology or astrology, your future is 100 percent in your own hands.

The point of astrology isn't to make you feel like you don't have a hand in creating your own future or to prevent you from achieving your goals by making predictions.

The point of astrology is to make you aware of planetary energy that could help you along the way, and with Jupiter going into retrograde today, you'll want to keep this in mind.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It's a universal source of enthusiasm and optimism, and it lends us the urge to seize the opportunities offered to us in life.

Some astrologers refer to Jupiter as the planetary "giver of gifts and luck."

Think of Jupiter as the pop song mashup to the workout routine that is life.

As it goes into retrograde for the next 120 days, the planet turns its energy of expansion inward so personal growth can take place.

And if we devote ourselves to reaching self-awareness during this introspective period, all of our hopes and dreams will have the chance to materialize.

Basically, the retrograde gives us the opportunity to make sure we have our shit together before we receive the payoff of all our hard work.

If we refuse to focus on our own inner growth, however, we may notice a tendency to procrastinate by getting stuck in the "planning phases" of our projects.

On the other hand, if you've been working really hard at getting ahead in your career and neglecting your own health and wellness, Jupiter may cause you to recognize the problem.

You may find yourself more willing to admit to your overindulgence and to take the time to get that sorted out.

Overall, be prepared for the hard work you've been doing to turn inward.

It may feel as though you aren't working as hard, and it might seem like you're not making as much progress.

But, think of it like you're constructing a skyscraper.

Before you can build up, you have to dig deep into the ground to create a strong foundation that will hold it in place.