Here's Your Forecast For 2017, According To Numerology

by Rosey Baker
Vera Lair

In case you didn't know, numerology runs on a nine-year cycle.

So every nine years, we begin A BRAND NEW LIFE together as a human race.

Our last nine-year cycle ended just a few weeks ago in 2016, and as we all know, endings can be difficult.

But with every ending, something new starts.

Now that we are in what numerologists call a Universal 1 Year, we have the opportunity to start over.

Here's what's in store for us in 2017:


First of all, there are going to be some drastic changes on a global level.

And because these changes are going to happen whether you like it or not, it's best to embrace them.

When I say embrace change, what I mean is, you should define for yourself exactly what you want and map out a way to get there.

This year is all about laying a foundation, which can take quite some time.

When a skyscraper is built, they first have to dig hundreds of feet into the ground, which obviously takes a little longer. But the further down they dig, the more sturdy the structure.

Think of this year in the same way.

What you choose to do in 2017 will set the course for the next nine years, so make your decisions carefully and realistically.


By accepting responsibility for your past choices, you will become more aware of who you really are.

And if you think you already know your true identity, be prepared for some astonishing new truths to emerge.

Be prepared to severely doubt beliefs and attitudes you once held as you realize they no longer serve the current circumstances.

As these beliefs start to fade away, you might also feel out of place around people with whom you have always felt comfortable. You may also question or doubt the need for their continuing roles in your life.

Be careful not to judge these feelings as they arise.

At some point, you'll know it's time to move in a different direction, even if it means going your own way alone.


The benefit of all this change is that it will teach you true independence, the kind of independence that is free of any feelings of guilt or isolation.

You'll be able to remove people from your life or make decisions about where you want your life to go with confidence. You'll stop second-guessing your decisions, and you'll learn to put yourself first.

This year, you'll feel as though you're meeting your true self for the first time, and I assure you it will be a pleasure to meet that person.