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Taurus Season Is Here & So Is Your April 20 Weekly Horoscope


The world just became a whole lot more beautiful and you have Taurus season to thank for that. Are you in the mood to titillate your five senses? To feel your mouth water over the tastiest foods? To breathe in the irresistible smell of springtime? To feel the strength of the earth beneath your feet? Yes? Well, your April 20, 2020 weekly horoscope will act as your guide as you enter what could possibly be the most gorgeous astrological season of all, so listen very closely. It's no coincidence that fixed earth sign Taurus is ruled by Venus — planet of luxury and romance — because Taurus is all about feeling good, looking good, and loving good. There's no better time than now to treat yourself to some self-care, take care of whoever you're loyal to, and commit to something for the long haul.

Even though Taurus is famous for slow and patient movement, this season kicks off with a bang. After all, the new moon in Taurus will encourage you to begin writing the next chapter on April 22. New moons are all about planting seeds, making plans, and going after new ideas. With a new moon in bodily, focused, and stable Taurus, this is a beautiful week to work on something that benefits your reality on a tangible level. This could mean thinking of ways to make more money, redesigning your living space, keeping a promise to a loved one, or simply treating yourself to a massage chair. Whatever you need to do to make yourself feel more comfortable on a physical level, do it.

However, with the sun forming a square to unrelenting Saturn on April 21, this new moon may force you to face a few challenges, too. It's time to make the difficult but necessary decisions that reflect the adult you're becoming. There may be projects you don't want to work on but you know, deep down, will benefit you in so many ways. Sometimes, it's the boring work that makes all the difference in the world.

Truth be told, growing up can bring up some darker emotions, especially as Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — squares off with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on April 25. Whatever exaggerating Jupiter touches always becomes bigger, and since Pluto is the planet of creation and destruction, let's just say your mind is likely already visiting some dark places already this week. However, there is so much strength and vision to be found as you confront the cold hard truth of a situation. Just because something feels negative does not mean it's useless. There's strength in recognizing all the difficult things you've been through that you've always been able to survive.

With the sun forming a conjunction with free-spirited and rebellious Uranus on April 26, it's clear this Taurus season will not be living up to its reputation of being too predictable. This transit sparks sudden changes and inspires you to go against the grain. Be true to your eccentric self and try something that totally goes against everything you thought you knew about yourself. Who knows what you'll find?



Your finances are under scrutiny this week. You may find that the way you've been treating your money can no longer suffice and it's time to forge a plan to enhance your savings, your income, and/or your ability to survive with less. However, there could be an exciting financial opportunity awaiting you by the end of the week, so keep your mind open.


It's time to climb out of that shadow you've been hiding in. The world wants to see what you're made of! You may struggle with some self-consciousness this week, but it's only inspiring you to make a major change. Trust your own voice and try not to let anyone else tell you who you are. If you follow the beat of your own drum, you won't regret it.


This week is a beautiful week for therapy and healing. You may find that certain wounds are reopening, and even though reliving difficult memories can be painful, this is an opportunity to apply a salve to them. Talking to someone you trust or writing down your thoughts may provide you with a positive outlet. You may be surprised by what you realize about yourself.


You may be missing your social life this week. However, don't let this distance create doubt that you are loved and very much needed. If they put in the effort to meet you halfway, this is an opportunity for you to connect with your friends in creative ways. You may even find that, against all odds, you'll wind up forging new and unexpected friendships in the process.



Your work life has probably slowed down, forcing you to put your immediate career goals on hold. However, this presents a chance for you to rethink your plans and plant the seed for something new. An opportunity to start a side project or spearhead a movement could come your way. Don't be afraid of trying something completely outside your wheelhouse.


Even though you probably feel inhibited or stuck in place at the moment, there are so many ways you can satisfy your desire for adventure. This week is a beautiful time to plan future travels, learn about new philosophies, or open your mind to something culturally different than what you already know. Whatever you do, don't turn down opportunities to step out of your comfort zone.


You may feel haunted by a commitment you made in the past, forcing you to consider whether it's time to cut your losses and move on or stick with it in hopes that things will turn around. Surprising information may reveal itself, helping you make your decision. Know that your needs come first. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for protecting your boundaries.


You're discovering deeper shades of a personal relationship. While there may be conflicts with this person, you're learning what's needed from you in order to build a solid foundation that's long-lasting. A careful balance between your independence and your commitment to this relationship is needed. You should be able to maintain your sense of self.



You may find yourself feeling unmotivated or disorganized this week, but it's only to help you improve your daily routine and revitalize your priorities. This is a great time to start getting your house in order, one step at a time. There's no point in being hard on yourself when you fall behind. Just pick yourself back up and acknowledge that you're doing your best.


You could find yourself feeling creatively stifled, as though you're having a difficult time enjoying things you usually enjoy. However, this is merely the calm before the storm, because there's a strong chance you'll end the week feeling totally inspired. Give yourself a break and let the beauty come to you rather than trying to force it before it's ready.


Deep-seated issues surrounding your home life may arise this week, forcing you to confront conflicts with family members and acknowledge anything interfering with the harmony of your living space. However uncomfortable this may be, it's forcing you to turn over a new leaf. Your home is equivalent to your roots. Without them, how will you blossom and bloom?


You're feeling energized and ready to go this week. If you don't keep yourself busy, you might wind up feeling restless or anxious as a result, so find ways to feed your mind with something new. You may even have a surprising conversation that inspires you or reveals something you weren't expecting. Ride these shockwaves — they represent a new beginning.