6 Important Things To Keep In Mind When You’re Working From Home For The First Time

Cue the confetti and break out your favorite coffee mug, because something truly exciting is happening in your life right now. You landed a freelance job or a position that's online. You're in a non-traditional, but growing part of the workforce now. It's important to keep a few things in mind — a few tips and tricks that'll help you seriously thrivebecause you're working from home for the first time.

Let's break down the situation: You applied to a job that had the word "remote" in the description. You sent in your resumé and cover letter, and added a few notes in the comments section about why you'd love to work in a non-traditional setting. Then, you hit the "submit" button and waited for a response. Within a week or so, you interviewed for the position over the phone, and finalized some paperwork via email. Now, you're logging on from your kitchen table and being a #girlboss every day. (Welcome to the club!)

You're getting into your own routine, and have go-to answers for when your friends and family say that they're totally jealous of your work life. But, there are six things that you should keep in mind that you may not know about yet. Scroll on, and then get back to business, OK?

Create Your Own Office Space
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One of the most essential things to keep in mind if you're working from home for the first time is to create your own office space. It's incredibly easy to slide your laptop into bed in the morning and work from the comfort of your blankets. But, that's not the best environment for a #girlboss in the long run.

Invest in cute decor that inspires you, a desk, and supplies like pens and notebooks. You'll find that these details can make all the difference when you're trying to meet your deadlines.

Get Involved In The "Working From Home" Community
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Working from home has a lot of perks. You can log onto your laptop while wearing sweatpants instead of business casual attire. You can also grab a snack from the kitchen at any time of the day. But, the first time you're working from home, you might not know about the biggest perk of all: There's an entire community of people who are working from home, too.

These are the people who get excited about the idea of being their own boss, or do freelance work in coffee shops, just like you. You can — and should — get involved with this group. Look at it as an opportunity to network or make some new friends.

Find Unique Sources Of Inspiration

Being in your own space from nine to five means that you have access to inspiration that not everyone else does. You're located close to a city where there are skyscrapers and trendy restaurants — or in a quaint town near the beach, and have Pinterest boards full of tropical pictures and ocean puns.

So, use what's around you to your advantage, and tune into what you experience every single day. For example, if you're a travel writer who comes up with articles for a publication that's popular from coast to coast, write about your area. You will find that your work stands out and offers a fresh perspective.

Establish A Balance Between Work And Home
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Working and living in the same place can be a tad tricky. But, it's not impossible — especially if you have the word "balance" in the back of your mind. The key is to find ways to separate your office time from your lounging time.

Your office materials are feet away from your favorite relaxation spots. So, naturally, things may get mixed up the first time you're working from home. Your folders will be on your couch, and your coffee from this morning will end up on the bathroom counter.

Get organized and track down some tricks that work for you. Personally, just closing out of the work-related tabs in my browser at the end of the day helps me find that #necessary balance.

Learn How To Deal With Distractions
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Distractions are bound to happen at times, whether you're working at home or in a traditional office setting. You're bound to spend time scrolling through social media, or have days when your brain just says, "No thanks."

You just need to learn a few tricks on staying focused, such as: giving yourself allotted time to take breaks, sticking to a routine in the morning, and getting active when you're lacking some inspiration. Sometimes even a quick lap around your kitchen or around your neighborhood is all you need to get back on track.

Get Social After Work

Whether it's going for a hike with friends, having a cozy movie night with your siblings, or dressing up and hitting up a local restaurant for happy hour (if you're 21 or over) — find ways to get social after work. It's much-needed after a day of being a #girlboss and spending time at home.

Keep in mind that your relationship with your coworkers is different. You talk over messaging apps and dial into meetings. Having some human interaction after 5 p.m. is always a good idea, and will refresh your mind for another day of hustling and bustling at home tomorrow.