Here Are The Chances We'll Get A Kardashian Family Christmas Card This Year

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even the mere prospect of missing out on beloved Kardashian content is enough to send fans into a spiral this year. With the famous family announcing the final season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians for 2021 and no sign of a new spinoff to be found, the Kardashians' holiday photoshoot was the one thing placating keen followers of the reality TV royal family. With coronavirus cases ramping up throughout their home state of California and the family's renewed commitment to following social distancing rules, however, the question on fans minds is: Will the Kardashians have a 2020 Christmas card at all — or will fans be subjected to yet another loss?

Things are pretty murky on the holiday front for the Kardashians, who already dealt with some backlash after tweets went viral suggesting they would still hold a "smaller" version of their annual Christmas Eve party this year. Despite Khloé's best efforts to ensure her followers that the family would not hold a bash-level party matching the caliber of their usual festivities, the mere potential of a gathering angered some. This led Khloé to issue a revised version of her original statement on Dec. 6 and announce the official cancellation of the annual event due to climbing COVID infection rates throughout California.

On top of the holiday party's cancellation, which is usually a celebrity-packed soirée, the Kardashians have faced continued ire from the public ever since they were spotted flouting social distancing measures on a private island getaway. The assemblage of these facts points steadily to only one grim outcome for the family's 2020 Christmas card: cancellation.

In prior years, the Kardashian family's Christmas cards have circulated across the internet and gotten the meme treatment in more ways than one.

Last year, however, Kim Kardashian West noted that it had been hard to get the entire family together for a shoot due to the chaotic nature of their incredibly busy schedules. As a result, there was no family-wide card in 2019, and the families within the Kardashian clan had their own scaled-down shoots for individual cards. While still adorable — lest we forget Saint West's big smile from last year — missing out on a joint holiday card will still come as a disappointment to fans. It's certainly the right thing to do considering the public health risk posed by large gatherings of people, but maybe we can get a photoshopped card as a treat?