The Kardashian family attends a Kanye West concert.

Kim K Hinted There Might Not Be A KarJenner Christmas Card This Year

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some Christmas traditions simply shouldn't be broken. When the holiday season rolls around, there are a few things I expect to see and, in addition to a surplus of hot chocolate and eggnog, the KarJenner holiday card is one of them. However, in 2019, the famous fam has yet to give confirmation they'll be rolling out their annual memento. While admittedly tragic, it looks like there's a chance fans won't be receiving a 2019 Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card this year.

Here's the tea: Kim has been the only KarJenner family member to speak out about 2019's holiday card, and her words weren't very promising. According to Kim, she may want to keep her 2019 Christmas card more lowkey, and only include the family in her household.

"I think this Christmas card will be just my family, like me, Kanye, and the kids because it's a lot to wrangle everybody," she told E! News in November, adding that she wants the card to be "something really chill and cozy".

Ok, fair enough, Kim. But the past KarJenner Christmas cards have been cozy. Truly, it doesn't get cozier than this. Just look at their ultra-chic, all-white family card from 2018.

In 2017, the Kar-Jenner clan whipped out their iconic 25-day long spread of snapshots by photographer Eli Russell Linnetz, and each one cuter than the last. The ladies made denim look very ~Christmas chic~ that year.

But then, there's been years where no card came at all, like in 2016.

Fans have questions and are demanding answers about this year's card, and they aren't hiding their excitement at all.

While we haven't received a solid yes or no from the Kardashians just yet, fans are about to be very blessed if they do receive one. The KarJenner kids are getting cuter every day, and it would be so sweet to see baby True, Stormi, North West, Psalm, Saint, and Chicago in an array of adorable outfits. Plus, last year they insisted they weren't making one and dropped one anyway, so I'm prepared for a plot twist.

For now, all of these breathtaking photos the family has already begun sharing of their holiday decor will hold everyone over. Truth be told: No one does the holidays quite like the KarJenner family.