I'm Crying Cuz Harry Styles Hinted He'd Love To Collab With Lizzo

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Harry Styles can't contain his love for Lizzo. Ever since Styles began covering Lizzo's songs and gushing over how much he adores her, fans have been filled with hope that the two will team up for what would surely be an epic jam. While nothing is set in stone yet — at least that the public is aware of — Harry Styles teased a Lizzo collab and it has Hizzo stans on their toes waiting.

Styles and Lizzo have had everyone talking over the past few months, starting with the former 1D member's amazing cover of "Juice" during his BBC 1 interview in December 2019. From there, things got even more intriguing when Styles went on to surprise fans during Lizzo's pre-Super Bowl concert where the two joined forces to perform "Juice" together. Their vocals mashed up perfectly and their high-energy performance made for an extremely fun show.

During Lizzo's visit to BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge on Feb. 17, she delivered a flawless cover of Styles' "Adore You," and the following day she and Styles got flirty at the BRIT Awards.

All of this being said, it's no surprise Styles was asked about a potential collab with Lizzo during his Wednesday, Feb. 26, interview on the Today show. Talking about what he loves about Lizzo, Styles said:

I just think she’s amazing, she’s such a great artist. As a fan, you want someone to be themselves and I think she’s someone whose just herself and she makes amazing music. It’s feel-good and I think that’s something we need right now.
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Check out what Styles said about teaming up with Lizzo at the 1:45 mark in the video below.

A hard "maybe."

Styles' subtle hint at a possible collab with Lizzo had Twitter buzzing with hope. "At this point the only thing getting me through is Harry Styles and Lizzo’s friendship," one fan tweeted.

Lizzo and Styles: give the people what they want and make music magic together.