Lizzo Responded To Harry Styles’ “Juice” Cover With Her Own Cover Of His Song “Adore You”

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lizzo is sharing the love. Months after Harry Styles covered her song "Juice" during an appearance on BBC Radio 1 in December 2019, Lizzo returned the favor when she stopped by the same place on Monday, Feb. 17. Lizzo's cover of Harry Styles' "Adore You" is breathtaking and and everything fans could have hoped for.

Not only did Styles cover "Juice" during his interview, but the former One Direction member even surprised fans when he joined Lizzo onstage to perform the song at SiriusXM and Pandora’s pre-Super Bowl bash on Jan. 30. Attendees had no idea Styles would be there, let alone sing with Lizzo, and the joint performance was flawless.

So when it came time for Lizzo to drop by BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge on Monday, she came prepared to wow fans with a cover of one of Styles' most recent hits. Lizzo posted the clip of her singing "Adore You" to Instagram, writing, "LET ME ADORE YOU, HARRY STYLES."

Not only did Lizzo perfectly execute her version of "Adore You," but she even added some of her signature flair to the love song. The multi-talented singer pulled out her iconic flute, Sasha Flute, at one point during the song, and it gave me chills. Check out her full performance below.

Lizzo and Styles have both been open about their adoration for each other in recent months. "I just think she's amazing, she's one of the most exciting artists working now for sure," Styles said of Lizzo during his BBC 1 interview in December. "She’s exactly what you want in an artist."

Following their surprise performance together in January, Lizzo shared a series of Instagram photos and videos and gushed: "Me and human hershey’s kiss @harrystyles sang a lil ditty together last night, he’s a dream..."

Styles and Lizzo's friendship is so pure and it's clear why fans stan them. I can only hope there are more Styles and Lizzo collabs in the very near future.