Lizzo & Harry Styles Sang "Juice" Together, & My Life Is Officially Complete

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lizzo and Harry Styles are continuing to do big things in 2020. After a highly successful 2019s, the two teamed up for a surprise performance on Thursday, Jan. 30, ahead of Super Bowl LIV in Miami, and it was a duet to be remembered. This video of Lizzo and Harry Styles performing "Juice" together will warm your heart.

Fans in the audience at the SiriusXM and Pandora’s concert event on Thursday knew they were going to get an epic Lizzo performance, but since Styles wasn't scheduled to be there, they got more than they could have ever expected. While the adorable moment came as a surprise to those in attendance, it seems Styles has been longing for the day he could take the stage with Lizzo.

Styles is a true fan of Lizzo and he's not afraid to show it. During a live BBC Radio 1 appearance in December 2019, the former 1D member delivered an epic cover of "Juice," and even gushed over Lizzo. "I just think she's amazing, she's one of the most exciting artists working now for sure," Styles said. "She’s exactly what you want in an artist."

So when Styles and Lizzo got the opportunity to team up on Thursday, it was seriously good as hell. Watch the joint performance below and try to not crack a smile.

I mean, those perfectly in-sync dance moves and the way their vocals went together so well. I didn't think things could get any better. That is until Pandora and SiriusXM posted a series of videos of the collab. Check out Lizzo's introduction of Styles first.

I can barely handle this look of pure joy on both of their faces.

And, of course, Styles and Lizzo didn't escape being made into GIFs.

And last, but definitely not least, this sweet hug after their performance.

The world needs more Lizzo and Styles, so I'm speaking this out into the universe in hopes it'll happen. Until then, this performance will be on repeat.