Dixie D'Amelio

Here Are The Chances Dixie D'Amelio Will Finally Drop An Album Next Year


On Christmas day, Dixie D'Amelio dropped her fourth single of 2020, "Roommates," which was co-written by Demi Lovato. With so many songs under her belt in such little time, fans are wondering if Dixie D'Amelio will drop an album in 2021. The star got real about her New Year's resolutions, and her goals will get fans so hype.

D'Amelio first opened up about the possibility of releasing a full-length album in a Sept. 22 interview with Seventeen, explaining anything could happen. "Everyone always asks us what our plans are for the next year," she said. "I don’t know even know what my plan is for tomorrow. I just live day by day and I’m excited for everything."

She didn't confirm anything at the time, so fans didn't exactly get the answer they were hoping for, but that's all changed. On Dec. 17, the star sat down with Newsweek to discuss her plans for next year, and her response was everything fans wanted and more. "I'm in the studio a lot. The goal is to release an EP or album next year. I'm working with such incredibly talented producers, songwriters and artists. I'm really excited to share when I can," D'Amelio announced.

Days after the big news, she surprised fans with "Roommates." D'Amelio explained on Instagram the song was inspired by a poem Lovato wrote and turned into how "anxiety and depression have taken over" D'Amelio's life. "This year in particular, the internet and its negative commentary played a big part. and not only for me, but so many others," the singer told fans. "I realize that I shouldn’t read comments and I’m working on that. I’m also working on how to show my true self every day and not spend time on trying to look ‘perfect’ for the internet."

D'Amelio has definitely come a long way since gaining fame on TikTok in 2019. Following encouragement from her fans to pursue a music career, D'Amelio made her debut with "Be Happy" on June 26. After collaborating with Liam Payne on "Naughty List," she teamed up with Wiz Khalifa for "One Whole Day," which seemingly referenced her breakup with fellow TikToker Griffin Johnson.

All of D'Amelio songs have touched on subjects close to fans' hearts, and it's likely her album will be just as emotional. 2021 can't come soon enough!