People Are Sharing The Brutally Honest Reasons They're Single On Valentine's Day

by Candice Jalili

I was single until I turned 23 so, yeah, you could say I have some experience with being single on Valentine's Day. For me, personally, it never really felt like THAT big of a deal. Like, were the tacky decorations at CVS and the cheesy, vom-worthy Instagram posts supposed to somehow make me feel more single than I was every other day of the year? If so, it wasn't working. That being said, Valentine's Day does force single people to spend a bit more time thinking about their singleness than they normally would. This week, the hashtag #whyimsingle on Valentine's Day is asking them to provide the world with all of the hilarious reasons why.

Nearly two thousand people — a whopping 1,989 at press time — have taken to Twitter to post all of the many reasons why they're single. If nothing else, it's an excellent testament to the self-awareness of the people on the internet.

The hashtag started trending on Twitter after Jimmy Fallon posted a call to action on his own account, writing:

It's Hashtags time! Tweet out a funny or embarrassing reason why you're single and tag it with #WhyImSingle. Could be on the show!

Maybe it was for fame, maybe it was just because Valentine's Day is seriously around the corner and people are feeling extra vulnerable and hyper-aware of their romantic flaws. But whatever the reason, BOY, OH, BOY did people get ready to share. Listen up — a lot of these reasons are seriously relatable.

The tears say it all.

I mean, she really had no choice.

Her Dorito chewing is just far too loud.

The whole leaving-the-house thing is easier said than done.

Relationships take up way too much time.

It's really hard to shoot your shot with your crush when you can barely breathe around them.

Her ex was a Patriots fan.

She tends to move a little too quickly.

It's tough to find someone when your crush is already taken.

Who needs a human BAE when you have a dog?

She is all too familiar with her own self worth.

Her fake boyfriend is getting in the way of finding a real one.

He can't share his food, let alone his LIFE.

Nobody wants to date a Squidward.

Her future husband exists but he's just having some trouble finding her.

Even this person's fictional crush is taken.

Yu-Gi-Oh isn't typically a babe magnet.

She has a very strong aversion to any sort of PDA.

It's her first time being single and she's LOVIN' it.

This person's Harry Potter obsession is a SIRIUS c*ck-block.

Let's just say she's not exactly open to love.

Nobody wants to date a monster who eats KitKats like this.

Um, hello, it's TRENDY to be single!

Are you a particularly huge fan of any of the tweets on there? Retweet them and shoot them a like so they have a higher chance of getting noticed by Fallon and making it onto the show! Have your own hilarious reason for being single? Tweet it at Fallon and get your own chance of making it onto the show!

Also, just a friendly reminder that being single is NOT A BIG DEAL. In fact, it kind of rules. Your time is nobody's but your own. You can do whatever you please and live your life your way. Embrace your freedom and live it up!

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