Robert Rodriguez

Why Are You Still Single? (Quiz)

Another day has dawned and here you are... single as the day you were born.

Sure, no one needs someone else in order to be happy, but if we're trying to be honest with ourselves, love, validation and some bedroom activities really do help.

So maybe it's time to stop crying into your pizza and wondering why, why, why you're going to be alone with a bottle of red wine every Friday night from here to eternity.

Maybe this time around, you can take a good, long look in the mirror (stop hating yourself) and discover why you're so single and make a change in your life.

Unless, of course, you want to be single. And, in that case, more power to you. But, chances are, if you're already this far down in a quiz that determines the real reason you're alone, it may not be all that much of a choice.

Let's find out the real reason you are single: