8 Reasons Why Weekend Sex Is *Always* The Most Satisfying

There's no shortage of popular graphic T-shirts singing the praises of Friday through Sunday. From "FriYAY" to "Need More Weekends," it would appear that everyone knows that the end of the week is where it's at. With a little break from school and work, it's no surprise that everyone spends all week looking forward to the weekend. I only have one question for you: Why is weekend sex the most satisfying way to get it on? I bet that's something you thought I'd never ask.

From sleeping in with your boo to finishing your sultry session with bacon and eggs, IMHO, weekend sex comes with some major perks. And although my friends that work on Saturday and Sunday will remind me that everyone's schedule looks different, getting it on when you have nothing to do the next day is something I think everyone can appreciate. If you live for taking an entire day to nail a new position, or spending laundry day naked seems better than actually finding cute and clean clothes to wear — you, my friend, are in good company.

Here are eight reasons why getting it on when you don't have to go to work or school the next day is the absolute best.

Santi Nunez/Stocksy
You Can Sleep In The Next Day

Nothing kills the mood of weeknight sex like setting your alarm clock for work or school the next morning. Sleeping in can mean you can go at it all night long, without every having to worry about being too tired to function like a basic human the next day. Want to try a new toy or position? Having the whole night to perfect it can mean that you get to take your sweet time. Also, depending on what time you do fall asleep and whenever it is that you wake up, you can spend the rest of the next day snuggling and having even more sex.


One word, bottomless possibilities. Knowing that brunch awaits you could be the sexiest part of having sex on the weekend. Whether you and your boo literally go out to a fancy place where the drinks cost more than a sweater from Forever 21 or if you cozy up for breakfast in bed, knowing that warm waffles and delicious eggs are on the other side can make weekend sex the literal best.

You Can Procrastinate

Friday night can mean your deadlines for the week are over. Whether you worked on a huge paper or presentation all week or you had to make a million flashcards or take phone calls, the weekend may mean taking a break from work or school. Not having to worry about getting everything on your to-do list done can mean you and your boo can really focus on making each other feel good and being in the moment.

It's Laundry Day And You're Already Naked

Weekend sex is the best because it can mean you don't need to dress cute: You're only getting dressed to get undressed. If you're anything like me, you've run out of clean clothes at the end of the week. Having sex on laundry day means taking total advantage of the lack of clean underwear (or any underwear) you have left.

You Can Make A Day Of It

If you and your partner sometimes struggle to both finish when you're going at is, (which BTW is totally normal), weekend sex means having a whole day to fool around and see what feels good. You can do it on the counter, on the sofa, in the shower, and in every other place and position that Shaggy mentions in "It Wasn't Me," You can even do it to "It Wasn't Me" for an entire day.

You Can Have A Hot Date First

The weekend may mean that bars and restaurants are open later. If you and your boo go out for a big night on the town, getting down and dirty back at your place may be the best way to end your night with a bang. As I said before, without the need to worry about getting up for school or work, you and your boo can paint the town, then bring the party back home.

It Can Be More Considerate To Your Roomies

Although sex can be awesome all the time, if you share a room or space with other people, getting down on the weekends can be more considerate than, say, keeping your roomie up on a Tuesday. If you ask your roomies beforehand, they may be able to go sleep at their boos' for the night (if they have one or several), which could give everyone space and privacy.

You Can Plan Ahead

Sometimes it's sexy to be spontaneous, but planning your weekend sexy time can mean picking out super hot lingerie, taking a nice bath beforehand and making your skin feel super soft, checking out a new sex shop, or otherwise getting all your sexy ducks in a row. Having the week to get your sexy side on can mean you feel totally ready to go.

After a busy week, having sex on the weekend can be the perfect way to reconnect. With the promise of waffles and the gift of time, weekend sex is truly amazing. Of course, as long as the sex you're having is consensual and pleasurable, there's no wrong day to get it on — Monday through Sunday.