Hayley Erin Promises 'The Perfectionists' Fans Will Learn The Truth About Taylor

Freeform/Kurt Iswarienko

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists is gradually shining light on its biggest mysteries, but just like its predecessor, fans can likely expect each solution to uncover even more questions. For starters, Nolan's sister Taylor Hotchkiss faked her own suicide and was living in the woods while she and Nolan tried to determine why their mother was amplifying surveillance on his posse. Now that Alison has found Taylor, she's closely linked to the ongoing investigation of Nolan's death, but why did Taylor fake her death on The Perfectionists? The character has hinted at the truth, but actress Hayley Erin promises fans will soon learn more about Taylor's past.

On April 17's episode of The Perfectionists, Taylor released Alison (Sasha Pieterse) from her trailer, insisting that she was "the dead girl" who will stay gone. Alison pressed for more, trying to convince Taylor to visit her mother Claire (Kelly Rutherford), but Taylor wasn't easily swayed. She revealed that someone trying to kill her led to her faking her death and that this person was likely Nolan's (Chris Mason) killer. Taylor also believed that Claire hired Alison to find her because, in addition to the women's physical similarities, they thought alike.

So Taylor has shared her theories about the circumstances surrounding the Hotchkiss enemy, but what really happened? Erin revealed to Entertainment Tonight that Claire and her Beacon Guard security system also contributed to Taylor's decision, saying:

I think Taylor’s a smart cookie and she wouldn’t have done what she did if she didn’t find it 100 percent, completely necessary. We’ll learn a lot more, but… it was worth it to Taylor to fake her own death in the end. She knows a little something and she put together some dots... It’s all connected somehow. Taylor had to get out of there.

On the night Nolan died, he and Taylor discussed their need to determine why Claire was keeping such a close eye on him and his friends before confronting her about it. Nolan also revealed that he trusted Alison, and although Taylor didn't understand why, she gave him approval to contact Alison about helping them. A campus power outage prevented Alison from seeing the message in time, meaning that Nolan still thought he was meeting her, not his killer, on the roof of Thorne Hall.

Alison failing to reach Nolan that night might be why Taylor is reluctant to trust her. Although she returned to campus with her in April 17's "The Patchwork Girl," Taylor then vanished without explanation. It's clear that she's still a little uncomfortable with being found, as Erin told ET:

I think Taylor is definitely on the edge right now and it would take a lot for her to trust someone right off the bat, so Alison might have to work for Taylor’s trust a little bit, but it’s a potentiality... Nolan was her link to the rest of the world. So now, she’s sort of being forced out... I think it’s really cool that the scope of the show gets bigger and bigger. So as the characters start interacting more and we start answering questions, we start asking more questions and the questions get bigger and bigger.

The promo for next week's Perfectionists episode suggests that Taylor is still MIA, as Mona (Janel Parrish) heads to her deserted trailer and discovers a hidden compartment there. Alison and Mona may know her truth now, but how much longer can they hide Taylor from Nolan's posse? We'll have to wait and see if Taylor warms up to this new situation and helps the kids track down her brother's murderer.

Season 1 of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists continues on Wednesday, April 24, at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.