Here's The Complicated Story Behind Addison Rae & Bryce Hall's Breakup

If you're confused about Addison Rae Easterling and Bryce Hall's on-and-off-again relationship, join the club. Ever since the two posted their first TikTok collab in Oct. 2019, Easterling and Hall have kept fans guessing with flirty exchanges on TikTok, Twitter, and Insta, and TBH, I'm ready for answers. The latest rumor? The TikTokers are back on. In June 2020, fans noticed the two were starting to spend more time together, and soon after, Hall all but confirmed he and Easterling were an item... kind of. For those unclear about why Addison Rae Easterling and Bryce Hall broke up in the first place, here's the scoop.

During a June 30 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hall (sort of) confirmed the two had previously been an item and split because they were "just busy doing [their] own things," not for "bad reasons." He later added, "Now with quarantine, [we're] not so busy. Not saying anything, but we're really good friends." Sure, Jan.

Hall expressed a similar sentiment on Twitter in Jan. 2020, when their rumored breakup took place. "She's doing her own thing and im doing mine," he wrote. "we're still friends and plan to remain that way!! i still love her and we're still gonna hang n stuff but, we're just not gonna be kissy kissy anymore."

While chatting with Entertainment Tonight in Feb. 2020, Easterling suggested their rumored breakup was due to their different focuses. As she explained, "We were talking and kind of like, on and off, just trying to figure things out. I'm also, like, very new to [TikTok] and he's been in this industry for a really long time. Things happen and then we just decided we're better off as friends for now because we both have totally different lifestyles right now. Not necessarily just apart from social media, just kind of like, we're both looking to branch off into different things."

According to Easterling, the maybe-couple decided they were better off keeping their relationship platonic. "...I think we're better off as friends and we both mutually decided that," she said during the interview. "We love each other so much and we love being around each other and we're super good friends, for now, it's best that we stay that way."

She even suggested she finds single life preferable. "I do like being on my own," she told ET. "I actually was in a really, really, really long relationship before any of this [TikTok fame] happened to me. I've learned a lot from that relationship. It was a big part of my life for about five years. I spent a lot of my time in relationships, now it's my time to grow and chase my dreams on my own. That's kind of what I'm doing." Is that about to change? Your guess is as good as mine.

While it's unclear whether or not Easterling and Hall are giving their romance another shot, it seems clear to me their rumored breakup was #complicatedAF. Stay tuned to see whether these two decide to get "kissy kissy" again.