Bryce Hall and Addison Rae appear in a YouTube video together.

The Timeline Of Addison Rae & Bryce Hall's Relationship Has Kept Fans Guessing


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When it comes to defining Addison Rae Easterling and Bryce Hall's relationship, flirtationship might be the most fitting label. The pair nearly kissed in one of their earliest TikTok collabs, only to turn around and insist to fans they were "just friends." In fact, it took them months to acknowledge there was anything remotely romantic going on. So, to say their relationship is perplexing would be an understatement — it's just downright complicated.

In order to understand their backgrounds, you have to understand Easterling and Hall's presence on TikTok. Easterling is part of the Hype House and touts 48 million followers, while Hall is a member of the "rival" TikTok collective Sway House and has nearly 10 million followers. With such an immense amount of followers, fans ship them like FedEx and follow their every move. And while celebrity relationships tend to have their ups and downs, Easterling and Hall shippers would tell you their romance is more of a roller coaster than most.

Oct. 7, 2019: Their First TikTok

Though it feels like Easterling and Hall have been dominating TikTok as a pair for ages, it's been less than a year since they posted their first collab.

In their first video, posted on Oct. 7, 2019, they brought the laughs while ad-libbing to Michael Jackson's "Pretty Young Thing." On top of their obvious flirty chemistry, the video featured TikTok's "really hot boyfriend check" audio at the beginning. Can you blame fans for speculating?

TikTok/Bryce Hall

Nov. 15, 2019: An Almost-Kiss

By mid-November, things were heating up between Easterling and Hall. So much so, they ~almost~ kissed for all to see in one of their TikToks. Sadly for fans, Hall pulled away at the last second.

TikTok/Bryce Hall

Dec. 10, 2019: Hall & Easterling Fuel Fan Theories

When Hall posted a TikTok video with Easterling dancing to "Uno Dos Tres" by Relle Bey, fans were entirely convinced he and Easterling were more than friends. It didn't hurt that the song is all about getting hot and heavy with your best friend.

TikTok/Bryce Hall

Dec. 13, 2019: Their First Confirmed Date

Things got even cuter days later when Hall posted a slew of photos with Easterling, practically admitting they went on a date. "Plot twist: i was actually third-wheeling with addison and Dixie [D'Amelio]," he captioned the post.

Easterling also posted the photos on her page.

Jan. 1, 2020: A New Year's Kiss

Hall rang in 2020 by flaunting a lot of PDA. He posted an Instagram slideshow captioned, "swipe to see all my new years kisses. Each photo featured Hall awkwardly kissing his various friends, but the final photo was a kiss with Easterling, and it seemed far more serious than the rest.

Jan. 17, 2020: Cozier Than Ever

A few weeks later, they looked happy as a clam in a new set of Instagram photos together. "She's cool sometimes," Hall captioned the flirty photos, still playing coy.

Jan. 24, 2020: They Dance To A Song Called "Relationship"

Yep, Easterling and Hall showed off their dance moves with an ultra-flirty video to a song titled "Relationship," further fueling fan theories.

TikTok/Addison Rae

Jan. 29, 2020: Hall Finally Addresses Their Relationship Status

By the end of January, theories Easterling and Hall were an official item had hit a fever pitch, but the duo was now singing a different tune on Twitter. For the first time, Hall strongly denied he was dating Easterling, insisting they were just friends.

"Addison and i are NOT dating!!!" he tweeted. "She’s doing her own thing and im doing mine. we’re still friends and plan to remain that way!! i still love her and we’re still gonna hang n stuff but, we’re just not gonna be kissy kissy anymore.. btw, neither of us are punching the air."

Easterling shared a similar message a day later. "Y’all theres no problems between me and bryce, we’re gonna stay friends and this was all mutual. please respect our choices. all love," she tweeted.

Feb. 1, 2020: Hall Confirms They Dated... Kind Of

Prepare for some emotional whiplash. Not long after Hall clearly defined his relationship with Easterling as "just friends," he turned around and said he and Easterling were "talking" in an interview with Hollywire.

"Me and Addison are talking, big shocker," he said. "We only went on one date but we're both super busy right now. Our first date was at Katsuya sushi... it's going well." In the video below, his remarks about Easterling begin at the 1:55 mark.

April 17, 2020: Hall Looks To The Future

During a Skype livestream, the TikTok star opened up about whether or not he saw a future with Easterling. "We're just friends. We still talk. I think people are definitely stretching for the relationship to be back together," he said, before adding, "I'm not saying that we're going to date in the future and I'm not saying that we won't."

May 26, 2020: Easterling's Mom Shuts Down Rumors

Easterling's mom, Sheri, is also a TikTok star, and has no problems keeping it real on her profile, especially when it comes to her daughter. After a fan commented on one of her videos that Easterling and Hall "are so happy together," Sheri vehemently denied they're dating, writing, "they are not together."

The next day she added, "Stan Bryce Hall for clear skin," on Twitter, putting whatever bad blood fans assumed existed to bed.

June 3, 2020: Easterling & Hall Protest Together In Los Angeles

In the wake of George Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police on May 25, Hall and Easterling came together as friends to protest racial injustice. Easterling shared a photo of Hall marching in front of her at an L.A. Black Lives Matter protest on her Instagram story.

Instagram/Addison Rae

June 9, 2020: Hall Gets Protective

When TikTok stars Sebastian Topete and Isaak Presley played a round of "Smash or Pass" during a YouTube vlog, they mentioned they'd "smash" Easterling in the misogynistic and disgusting game. This didn't sit right with Hall, who refused to stay silent after the video's release.

During an IG Live, Hall said, "Stay in your lane, buddy, before I walk over to the Clubhouse and smash and pass some f*cking sense into you dude."

June 11, 2020: A Relationship Update

But, for the record, Hall's comments didn't count as confirmation he and Easterling are back together. When Easterling posted a TikTok with Hall on June 11 to the song "110 Racks" by Offset, the flirty lyrics prompted fans to flood the comments section asking if they were back together.

"Did anyone else hear the song say 'my man' does that mean they're back together?!?!! one asked, referring to Easterling's song choice.

"It's just a trend, this is the choreography," she quickly responded, adding that "it's just a song/dance."

June 28, 2020: Josh Richards Spills The Tea

Fellow TikTok star Josh Richards dropped a major hint about Easterling and Hall's relationship in Hall's vlog titled "I confronted Josh and Jaden for leaving." In it, the boys trolled each other over their respective relationship issues, with Richards joking, "This guy's lucky he has Addison as a girlfriend to give him views." Hall didn't contest it all.

July 1, 2020: Hall Shuts Down Dating Rumors Again

Despite Richards throwing fans a bone, Hall seemingly shut down dating rumors again at the top of July when speaking with Entertainment Tonight. "Now with quarantine, not so busy. I'm not saying anything, but we're friends. We're really good friends," he said of his relationship with Easterling.

July 6, 2020: Addison Deletes Tweets About Hall

All hell broke loose in the TikTok community on July 6 when Easterling's fellow Hype House member Chase Hudson spilled some major tea about his fellow TikTok stars' relationship drama. In a lengthy post, he name-dropped the likes of Anthony Reeves, Richards, Richards' ex Nessa Barrett, and more. Although Hall's name was not included, he jumped into the fray, tweeting, "chase has BIG twitter fingers but cried in person when josh and jaden confronted him."

It seemed Easterling wanted to distance herself from the drama, because, not long after, she deleted several tweets about Hall. In one of their earliest Twitter interactions from December 2019, Easterling tweeted "Hey Bryce," and Hall responded, "hey addison," but, following the June 6 drama, her tweet was deleted.

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