Taylor Swift Dropped "Gorgeous" & Fans Think It Could Be About Joe Alwyn


The (very short) wait is over: Taylor Swift's "Gorgeous" has arrived. On Oct. 19, the singer announced "Gorgeous" would be released at midnight tonight eastern time, leading fans into a craze because the song was coming out the same day it was announced. That is a lot to take in, people! But they're losing their minds even more now that "Gorgeous" has dropped. Taylor Swift's songs are almost always about someone else — a boyfriend, an ex, someone she's fighting with — so who is "Gorgeous" about? There were a couple of theories floating around before the song was released, but now it seems "Gorgeous" could be about her boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn.

Swift posted three Instagrams announcing the song's release date. One of the posts was a video that seemed to feature a clip of the song itself, and now that it's out, we've heard the rest of it and fans are losing it. The song is more romantic than than the other two songs Swift has released from Reputation — the first being the "clap-back" track "Look What You Made Me Do" that was released to mixed reviews, and the sexier "...Ready For It?" The latter song sounds more like Swift's past work, while the former strays far from Swift's typical music.

Lots of fans love "LWYMMD," but there are others who feel the song lacks the lyrical and musical originality that made Swift famous. The song's chorus essentially mimics "I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt," but lots of singers repurpose old tunes for new work nowadays. They just usually do it with... better songs. Pardon my shade, but "I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt" is hella monotone.

"Gorgeous" couldn't be more different than "Look What You Made Me Do," however, and thank god for that. I don't think the world can handle another petty "clap-back" song when the rest of the world is basically crumbling. Fans were pretty creeped out by what sounds to be a young child cooing the word "gorgeous" in the beginning of the Instagram clip, but now that the entire song is out, they're tweeting about how much they love it. And they're almost positive it's about Joe Alwyn. Could this be the song Swift was seen shooting a music video for in London earlier this week?

Just read some of the lyrics:

You're so gorgeous

I can't say anything to your face

'Cause look at your face

And I'm so furious

At you for making me feel this way

But what can I say?

You're gorgeous

So yeah, it's pretty easy to see how this song is about her rumored boyfriend. While the lyrics themselves sound more like Swift's nuanced songwriting skills that made her so famous, the actual music stays very electronic like "Look What You Made Me Do" and "...Ready For It?" In the past (I'm talking before she even started her pop crossover), Swift's songs were mostly instrumental, and they stayed that way throughout Red, her last "country" album before switching over to pop with the Grammy-winning 1989. That album still had a lot of instruments involved, but Reputation is shaping up to be a very electronic album.

Whenever a popular singer posts cryptic hints about their music, the fans are always going to dive in headfirst to try and decipher the hidden meaning in everything they post. With "Gorgeous," fans started noticing a pattern in her Instagram posts. (I'm seeing that pattern as Swift copying Beyoncé's grid design, but I digress.)

Fans think Swift might be using colors as symbolism in her Instagram posts.

I can see how they could believe that. She is carefully curating the things she posts, and the posts are all coming with their own color scheme and style all while sticking to the Reputation font (that copies Kanye West, but again, I digress). One fan asked what all of the colors were about, and I don't usually make conspiracy theories about Swift, but I do have a theory about this one.

In the "Look What You Made Me Do" music video, the old Taylor is, as she says, dead. Death is symbolized by the color black. "...Ready For It?" is a sexy song that's basically about hooking up. Orange can easily mean something firey and passionate, like, I don't know, sex. And "Gorgeous" employs pink/purple for "Gorgeous" announcement. Pink/purple are romantic colors, and the song is romantic. Did I crack the Swift code?