Fans Are Noticing A Pattern On Taylor Swift's Instagram After She Drops New Songs

by Jamie LeeLo
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There is so much happening with Taylor Swift at every moment of every day, it is impossible to keep up. Luckily, there's the internet to keep me abreast of her every move. For example, with her upcoming Reputation album release, Swift has been posting new and highly-produced graphics on her social media and, like... that's it. No candids. No selfies. No paparazzi shots of her wearing great outfits. One thing fans are seeing, however, is a definite color pattern It begs the question, what do the colors on Taylor Swift's Instagram mean?

Ugh. So much mystery.

If you guys recall, not so long ago in a land no so far away, Taylor Swift famously deleted all of her previous photos on her Instagram account, and strategically started posting videos of an animated snake. It was, like, a whole thing.

The world would soon learn it was all systematic promotion for her new hit "Look What You Made Me Do," which featured a "rebirth" of Taylor, if you will.

In the single, Swift infamously states, "The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now... why? Oh. 'Cause she's dead." And thus, a new era of Swiftagrams (as I will now call them until the day I die) was born.

Here is what we have so far...

For the release of LWUMMD, the color of choice was definitely black. Sometimes it was black with white letters, sometimes it black with red letters. We know the cover album is black and white and a newspaper-y look (so I GUESS it's also read all over... ugh, kill me), but then things took a turn.

When it came time to promote her next song "...Ready For It?" the color shifted to orange.


All I can put together based on my totally unprofessional, naked eye is that this song is a little more, uh, firey? Like, orange-y fire? Like, how fire is the color orange-ish?

But, it wasn't until PR for her THIRD song "Gorgeous" began that the color blocking really became clear. The "Gorgeous" color IS... DRUM ROLL PLEASE...


Nope, still no clue what it means. But, damn, it looks nice when you see it at the same time.

Swift used the cooler hue to announce that "Gorgeous" will drop at midnight on Friday, Oct. 20 and will be available everywhere.

Here's a quick screen shot of her Instagram feed, just so you can get a feel for the whole shebang.

Taylor Swift/Instagram

Sure, she threw in a few commercial videos for AT&T, but she is a celebrity after all.

While the color pattern could be nothing more than a stimulating visual to get people pumped for her music, Swifties on Twitter are speculating it all must mean something.

One user wrote, "what's with the colors @taylorswift13?" Another said they were "loving" the colors.

In doing a quick Google search (lol) orange, black, and purple don't seem to have any uniform significance, individually or together. Basic common sense makes me feel like each song is meant to evoke a different emotion similar to the vibes each color gives off.

I don't know, call me a conspiracy theorist.

We do know Swift has sort of become the Queen of hidden meanings, and it's very likely that once Reputation drops on Nov. 10, it will all make sense and a perfect message will be unfolded before our newsfeed scrolling eyes.

Until then, I'm kind of loving-to-love Tay-Tay's new vibe, and can't wait to see what happens next.

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