Taylor Swift's Latest Single Is So Flirty And All Her Fans Have The Same Question

by Tina Kolokathis
Gary Miller / Getty Contributor

Taylor, you flirty little thing! Taylor Swift dropped a new song called "Ready For It" on Saturday, Sept. 2 and it's a true banger. Elite Daily reached out to Swift's team for comment on the new song, but did not hear back by the time of publication. This is Taylor's second song in this comeback, cause you know the old Taylor is dead now. The song doesn't really call on any of her haters like "Look What You Made Me Do" does. Actually, it's super sexy and flirty. The song is making fans ask the same question: who is "Ready For It" about?

Some of the lyrics to "Ready For It" make it obvious that Taylor's singing about a fling. She sings,

Oh! I-I-I see how this is gonna go Touch me and you'll never be alone I-Island breeze, lights down low No one has to know

She continues, singing,

In the middle of the night In my dreams You should see the things we do, baby (We do, baby) In the middle of the night In my dreams (My dreams) I know I'm gonna be with you So I'll take my time

She ain't holding back! Elite Daily also reached out to Swift's team for confirmation on who the song is about, but did not hear back by the time of publication. But, looking at these lyrics, it seems like it's definitely about a new flame and not really about an ex. As fans know, Swift dated artist Calvin Harris, but they broke up in June 2016. She then dated Tom Hiddleston around August 2016 for about a month or two.

Swift has most recently been connected to actor Joe Alwyn. Initial reports in May came out that they were possibly shipping up, so we have a few options here.

The first is that the song is about Tom Hiddleston, assuming Swift has been writing this music for a while and planning her comeback.

The second is that the song is about her new flame, Joe Alwyn, assuming they've been dating since early 2o17 and that's when she was making new music.

The last option is -- none of these! Sometimes songs are just written off vibes, so it could have been some random flirting with someone the media has no idea about OR it's made up!

Only time will tell, or Swift will let us all know and we can stop worrying about it.