Taylor Swift Debuted Her New Music Video At The VMAs And It's Insane


LOOK WHAT WE MADE HER DO, YOU GUYS. First, Taylor Swift deletes her social media. Then, she posts f*cking creepy snake videos. Then, she drops her long-awaited single "Look What You Made Me Do" at possibly the most inopportune time because people are trying to SLEEP. AND NOW, she drops a goddamn new music video in the middle of an awards show. CAN SHE MAYBE LET ME LIVE FOR TWO SECONDS? Anyway, Taylor Swift's "LWYMMD" video is finally here, in the middle of the 2017 VMAs, and let me just say, my head hasn't stopped spinning for, like, 10 minutes.

I mean, I feel like just yesterday Taylor was dancing around in pajamas to "We Are Never Getting Back Together," but Jesus, now, she's wearing black bodysuits, fishnets, a bunch of snake rings, and biting jewelry. WHO IS SHE???? WHAT IS SHE DOING???? WHAT'S GOING ON???? Well, I don't really know. But I do know one thing: The "LWYMMD" music video is legit insane and creepy as f*ck.

The video starts out in a damn graveyard with Taylor looking like a legit zombie crawling out of her grave. Then, she's suddenly in a mansion, lying in a bathtub of jewels and sitting on a throne surrounded by snakes. (What kind of fresh hell is this place?)

Soon after that, she's crashing a really expensive car. Then, she's robbing a bank. IDK, you guys, I can barely keep up. I stared at her posse of male dancers for eight years, probably. And finally, she's standing atop of huge pile of people, all of whom are older versions of HERSELF and who come together at the end to showcase "the old Taylor" we all thought we knew. Basically, this video shows the old Taylor really is dead. That's why she can't come to the phone right now. You feel me?

Even without this latest video, Taylor's pretty much spent the last couple of weeks making everyone go "WTF" after flying out of her music hiatus like a damn bat outta hell. Back on Aug. 18, the singer literally wiped her social media clean — Instagram, Twitter, everything. A few days later, she started posting videos of a creepy ass snake — presumably in reference to the fact that she had a bit of a reputation as a snake, thanks to the lovely Kim Kardashian. Seriously, those videos looked like they materialized straight out of my nightmares. (Not cool, Tay.) FINALLY, following the snake videos, at around 11:30 p.m. on Aug. 24, Taylor did The Thing™. She dropped "Look What You Made Me Do," basically taking "the old Taylor," murdering her, and hiding the body far, far away where no one will ever find her, so this new, snake-y, edgy Taylor can reign supreme.

While the song itself was received with mixed reactions, people were quick to agree on one thing and inevitably make f*cking hilarious memes about it: A lot of fans think the video preview is reminiscent of Beyoncé's "Formation" music video. Like, really reminiscent. It's like when you use someone's homework in high school as a reference, but you change a few of the answers to be wrong so it won't look suspicious — only it's still suspicious AF.

As much as I really hate the internet sometimes (sorry, internet), I really can't deny that sometimes, it truly is the gift that keeps on giving. And I can't wait to see the hilarious memes born from Taylor's new video that I'll laugh at to myself alone in my bed tonight.

Make sure to prepare your Twitters for when the entirety of Taylor Swift's new album Reputation drops on Nov. 10.