Who is Alex Armanto? BTS' Jimin's alter ego has ARMYs swooning.

The BTS ARMY Is Swooning Over Jimin's Photo Shoot Alter Ego, Alex Armanto


If you ever wonder how BTS gets in the zone for their photo shoots, there's an easy answer: they create alter egos. Apparently, BTS' Jimin's alter ego is named Alex Armanto J-Min, who is this super suave, charming, and sophisticated guy. Sure, Jimin is already all of those things, but Alex Armanto J-Min is seemingly... royal? And owns a lot of gold cups. Jimin's other persona came out while taking photos for BTS' Map of the Soul: 7 album, and the best part is, he even made a detailed backstory explaining who Alex Armanto really is.

Following the release of MOTS:7 on Feb. 21, the group let fans inside the behind-the-scenes process of the album by sharing a variety of YouTube videos, like dance practices, a commentary film, and the making of their "ON" and "Black Swan" music videos.

On March 12, Big Hit Entertainment uploaded a video of Jimin, Jungkook, and J-Hope — known together as "3J" — taking pictures for the group's third set of concept photos. ARMYs will remember these photos gave off Kingsman vibes, as the members all wore dapper outfits similar to the ones the characters wear in the movies.

ARMYs couldn't get over the members' intense stares and overall confident auras when the photo shoot first came out on Feb. 11. Now, in BTS' latest BangtanTV clip, Jimin explained exactly how he was able to pull the photo shoot off.

Seeing Jimin preparing for the shoot, J-Hope asked him for his name. "I'm J-Min from House of Alex. I'm of the House of Alex except my name isn't Alex," Jimin told him, before pulling a James Bond. "The full name is Alex Armanto J-Min."


He then introduced his "younger brother" Jungkook as "Alex Armanto JK." After looking at Jungkook's impressive pictures, Jimin gave him his stamp of approval. "He is worthy of being my brother. He looks magnificent. It's what our house is known for, Alex Parmandi," Jimin said.

Jimin was so in character that when he accidentally broke a prop, he gave such as smooth explanation for doing so. "This is Alex Armanto cup. I wanted to prove it was made of pure gold," he said.

Watch Jimin channel his alter ego below.

Alex Armanto J-Min made such a huge impression on fans, as seen by their tweets below.

Clearly, ARMYs are totally here for Alex Armanto J-Min and his handsome brothers.