BTS dance in their 'Black Swan' music video.

Jimin Emerges As The "Black Swan" In BTS' Surprise Music Video


It's a good day to be part of the BTS ARMY. Fans of the group woke up to a surprise music video from the guys, and, let me tell you, it's a masterpiece. BTS' official "Black Swan" video will not only have you watching on repeat, it will have you (attempting) dancing along at home.

BTS really brought their best dance moves to the "Black Swan" music video, especially Jimin. Between the boys' synchronized kicks, jumps, and turns, Jimin brought some serious contemporary dance skills to the mix, and TBH, I'm beyond impressed.

In the video, the BTS boys presented a juxtaposition between lightness and darkness, alternating between black and white outfits throughout. Jimin took center stage many times throughout the clip through contemporary dance solos, and, at one point, he revealed himself to be the "Black Swan" when a massive set of black wings emerged from his back.

"Black Swan" was first introduced to the world through an art film back in January when it was performed by the Slovenian MN Dance Company. It marked BTS’ first single off Map of the Soul: 7, which was ultimately released on Feb. 21.

You can watch the full "Black Swan" music video for yourself below.

The song, co-written by RM, was inspired by a quote from famed American dancer Martha Graham: “A dancer dies twice — once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the more painful.”

The song expresses fear of a moment when an artist can no longer perform on stage. Pretty powerful stuff, y'all.

Obvi, fans are loving the new video, but they especially can't get over Jimin's flawless dance moves.

Of course, the other members blew fans away as well.

I'm not one for surprises, but a new video from BTS was the best way to start my day. The guys may be best known for their hit songs, but their unmatched dance skills are a huge part of their success as well, and is what truly sets them apart from the rest.