Courtesy of Marc Jacobs Beauty

Where To Get The Marc Jacobs Beauty Pride Glosses For Festive Packaging & Tons Of Shimmer

Believe me when I say you can catch me rocking a sparkly rainbow glitter eye the entire month of June; Pride-inspired makeup collections are dropping left and right at the moment, and I couldn't be more proud of the brands that are stepping it up and donating profits to the LGBTQ+ community. That said, I can only buy so many rainbow palettes, so I admit I'm starting to gravitate towards the more neutral items being released. If you feel the same, allow me to enlighten you as to where to get the Marc Jacobs Beauty Pride glosses, which boast rainbow packaging, donated profits, and glitzy, wearable sheen.

Marc Jacobs Beauty only release the classiest of makeup products, so its no surprise that they didn't opt for a full-on chunky glitter eyeshadow or a rainbow eyeliner set (Not that I haven't purchased both of these items in the past week, thank you very much.). The brand does love a little sparkle, though, so when it came time to choosing a product line to expand in honor of Pride, their Enamored Dazzling Gloss Lip Lacquers ($28, seemed like the perfect pick.

Now, you can shop the Enamored (With Pride) Glosses, in six new stunning shades:

And of course, they come in ~festive~ Pride packaging:

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs Beauty

From June 6 through July 10, the brand will be donating 10% of profits from the new shades to SAGE, the largest and oldest organization devoted to aiding older and elderly members of the LGBTQIA community. It's an organization brand founder, the Marc Jacobs, feels especially connected to, so I love that he's using his beauty brand to aid their philanthropic efforts.

As for the new shades, they'll be joining the permanent collection after Pride, and one is more gorgeous than the next:

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs Beauty

"Not Sorry" is a classic fuchsia, "Pink Parade" is a wearable peachy nude, "Tempt Me" is a bold, rich purple, "Silver Surf" is a pearly silver, "Get Lucky" is a chocolate brown nude, and "Electric Lights" is a bronzy gold. According to the brand's press release, the names are inspired by Jacobs' favorite music, so consider them a look into his personal Pride playlist.

Check out the ultra-shiny swatches below:

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs Beauty

Love, love, love. This collection really has something for everybody. "Get Lucky" and "Pink Paradise" are classic, wearable everyday shades. "Tempt Me" and "Not Sorry" are slightly more bold for those who love a dramatic moment, and "Electric Lites" and "Silver Surf" have just enough metallic flair to really spice up your look at Pride or anywhere else. Plus, all six shades will go great with whatever glittery rainbow eye I end up going with for the parade.

If you're dying to get your hands on these glitzy glosses, you're in luck, because they won't be hard to find:

In addition to being available now on the Marc Jacobs Beauty site, you can shop the Enamored (With Pride) Glosses at Sephora online and in stores, on the Net-A-Porter site, at Nieman Marcus stores, and in select freestanding Marc Jacobs shops.