Dolls Kill's Pride Collection Serve Rainbow Moto Realness, & Profits Will Go To A Great LGBTQ+ Cause

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Dolls Kill
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I'm going to need Pride to last more than a month this year, because brands are going hard with these rainbow-themed collections, and I've added at least a dozen festive looks to my wardrobe already. I can't resist — especially when a portion the sale is donated to organizations that help empower and give back to the LGBT+ community. Add Dolls Kill's Pride 2019 Collection to the list of great drops I'm happily draining my bank account for, because every piece looks so special and unique, and of course, beyond perfect for a Pride parade or festival.

When creating a Pride-inspired collection, some brands unintentionally deviate from their typical aesthetic. It's all too easy to slap a rainbow onto a tee a brand might otherwise never sell, but in Dolls Kill's case, they've managed to remain true to the edgy, badass designs their shoppers know and love. The Club Exx Pride collection is so on-brand, but still total Pride perfection, and that's what makes it so dang good. Plus, from now until June 30, a portion of all Club Exx Pride collection sales will be donated to an LGTBQQ youth center in San Francisco called LYRIC. Good on you for doing your part to give back, Dolls Kill!

With pieces like these, prepare to be the coolest person at Pride:

Dolls Kill

How do I summarize this collection? It's what Lisa Frank and Rainbow Brite might throw on if they decided to hit up a motorcycle bar before the Pride Parade. Does that make sense?

The Rainbow Runner Moto Jacket ($98, should clear things up. See what I mean?

These clothes are all so unique, and if you're a bold dresser on the reg, you'll be able to wear them year-round, so they're certainly not Pride-only pieces. And while there are some parade basics, like rainbow striped tees, colorful crop tops, and hair clips, there are also some bangers guaranteed to make a statement.

The colorblock vinyl set is my favorite. Like, imagine rolling up in the Rainbow Runner Bra Top ($35, That's the kind of energy I'm tryna serve:

And paired with the Rainbow Runner Mini Skirt ($40,, you'd look like a Pride superhero, in the best way possible:

The accessories in the line are equally bomb, FYI. From bedazzled rainbow slides to "Bottom" chokers to boots made for parading, I'm literally about to go broke due to the number of pieces in my cart. What can I say, I'm a ~supportive ally~ that loves to shop! A good rainbow piece gets me every time.

Catch me stomping around in these Prism Renegade Glitter Boots ($115, real soon:

And don't be too jealous if I throw this Campy Queen Faux Fur Shrug ($68, over my shoulders to complete the fantasy:

This Pride, I plan to serve only the most over-the-top, rainbow fuzzy metallic moto diva vibes, and if you can't hang, then there's the door. If you can hang, you can shop the collection live now on the Dolls Kill site.

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