MeUndies' Pride Collection Is A Wearable Celebration Of Self-Love — & It's Comfy AF

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Authenticity. Self-expression. This is what style and getting dressed should really be all about, and it's an ethos that's at the core of the comfiest underwear brand around. You want skivvies with a personality rich punch? They've got you covered. You only need to look to MeUndies' Pride 2019 collection to see that their offerings are wearable celebrations of individuality, with a little cheekiness peppered in.

Called "Proud to Be Me," the new collection boasts three all-new prints that "encourage you to be your truest self." One reads "I <3 Me," another reads "PROUD" in rainbow lettering, and the third features unicorns with technicolor manes flying across a sky of colorful stars. They're loud, vibrant, and cute AF, and you can shop them in underwear, bralette, sock, bandana, pant, and onesie form. Why not start building your Pride Month wardrobe from the base layer up?

To front the collection and help spread the message of self-love, MeUndies tapped Grant Kwiecinski — AKA producer, DJ, and artist, GRiZ — who publicly came out in a 2017 op-ed in The Huffington Post. "Pre-coming out publicly, there was definitely a side of myself that felt shrouded. It felt secretive, like I wasn't telling the full truth," says GRiZ in the campaign video. "I need people to know that this is a challenge that's worth facing," he continues. "There are people out there who will accept you and celebrate you for exactly who you are."

The collection lets you honor yourself, and it also lets you help others while doing it. For every pair of Pride underwear sold, MeUndies has vowed to donate $1 to the Happy Hippie Foundation, a non-profit founded by Miley Cyrus dedicated to "fighting the injustices facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth, and other vulnerable populations," as described on their website. A 2017 report on youth homelessness by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago revealed that LQBTQ youth have a 120% higher risk of reporting homelessness compared to youth who identified as heterosexual and cisgender, so this is an incredibly important and impactful cause to get behind.

Check out a few picks from the collection below or shop it in full here. Happy Pride!

What's The Tee

Wear your self-love loud and proud with this comfy black tee.

Bare With Me

Get a little cheeky this Pride — you know you want to.

Slumber Party

I thank the universe every day that adult onesies are a thing and once you feel how soft this one is, you will too.

Good Sport

After seeing this bralette I don't think I can ever go back to regular monochromatic versions ever again.

Sock It To 'Em

Happy feet ahead.

Bottoms Up!

Hear me when I say that these bikini briefs are the absolute most comfortable pairs of underwear you will ever own. Seriously, my cheeks have never been happier, and the fact that the style comes in rainbow-clad prints is just the cherry on top. Er, bottom.

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