I Dew Care's New Vitamin C-Packed Collection Is One You'll Want In All Of Your #Shelfies

I Dew Care

When it comes to a summer glow, some turn to shimmery highlighters and glossy lippies, but above all else, it's about using the right skincare formulas and products to create that luminous glow-from-within. My go-to ingredient to enhance radiance has always been vitamin C, which is why I Dew Care's latest collection excites me so much. It's not just cute and fun to play with — although it is, in fact, both of these things — the products also happen to be jam-packed with good-for-you vitamins, so if you're curious as to where to get the I Dew Care Take Your Vitamins Collection, read on for everything you need to know.

If you're familiar with I Dew Care and K-Beauty company Memebox, you're probably already a fan of the brand's face masks, which stand out thanks to their unique textures and Snapchat-filter-IRL effects. With the all-new Take Your Vitamins Collection, which is sold on the Memebox site as well as the Ulta website and in Ulta stores, the goal was to create more formulas that play up the fun textures the brand is known for, but by way of different kinds of products, from serums to moisturizers to mist masks. What's that — you've never even heard of a mist mask? Me either, so it's safe to say right off the bat that this lineup is especially unique.

Plus, the packaging totally nails this summer's neon trend. So cute:

I Dew Care

Let's start off with the product I already hinted at, the Thirst Things First Revitalizing Vitamin C Mist Mask ($19,

This is without a doubt the most unique and multi-purpose product in the collection, so if you allow yourself only one treat, make it this guy. The bi-phase liquid features lemon peel oil and pomogranate extract to brighten and refresh skin in a few quick spritzes, and all you need to do is shake it up and spray away. "It's pretty versatile, and that's what I love about it, " Jessica Chan, Head of Global Business Development & Strategic Planning at Memebox, tells Elite Daily. "You can either spritz it throughout the day and leave it on for that refreshing glow if you want to brighten up dull skin, or if you want to use it as an overnight mask in a more traditional sense, you can layer it on and go to bed with that on," she explains. Mist masks are offiicially the coolest beauty product to debut in summer 2019, if you ask me.

The product I think will be most popular, though, is the Bright Side Up Brightening Vitamin C Serum ($25,

If you aren't already incorporating a vitamin C serum into your beauty routine, I'm going to have to politely ask that you stop reading this article and add this one to your cart before you continue. It's an essential! This one in particular features a cooling jelly formula that feels like a blessing on hot summer skin, with the added benefits of vitamins E and B5, plus grapefruit for radiance.

My favorite packaging has to be that of the Say You Dew Moisturizing Vitamin C Gel + Cream ($29, I just love that neon hue!

When a product even looks refreshing, I know my skin will love it. This product comes with a spatula to help you mix the gel and cream layers together for one beautifully blended moisturizer. Lemon extract and vitamin C team up with creamy banana extract for a mega-hydrating mix, which also helps protect skin from damaging environmental stressors.

Prior to using any of these skincare goodies, you'll want to take your makeup off with the Berry Melting Makeup Remover Balm ($23,

This balm is a solid in its tub, but the second it hits skin, it melts to a sherbert-esque finish that dissolves makeup like a dream. Bonus points for the included spatula, gorgeous lavender hue and blueberry scent! As for ingredients, this product contains blueberry fruit extract (Hence the yummy scent.) as well as moisturizing jojoba oil, so skin doesn't feel stripped even as makeup is removed.

Last but not least, two lippies round out this colorful collection. First up, meet the Plush Party Buttery Vitamin C Lip Mask ($16,

My lips are without a doubt the area of my face lacking most in skincare love. I throw on a lip balm whenever I remember, and I'll use a lip scrub to prep for a particularly drying lipstick formula, but lip masking? It's not something I regularly do, so it's safe to say this product will inspire me to start. This leave-on mask can be applied right before bed to nourish and treat lips while you sleep so you wake up with a perfected, pillowy pout. Cocoa butter and hibiscus flower are the hardworking duo making it happen, and BTW, if you really love the formula, you can wear it as a heavy-duty lip balm during the day, too.

Or, you can slick on the Glow Easy Vitamin C Lip Oil ($12,, the final product in the collection:

Consider this the collection's top throw-in-your-bag, reapply-all-day essential. This tinted lip oil gives a sheer wash of berry that can be built up for impact, but what you'll love most is its super nourishing formula, packed with raspberry seed oil and vitamins C and E. It feels lightweight on the lips, but still leaves them with a nice, glossy finish.

Are you as obsessed with this new collection as I am? If you're ready to get your glow on and give the Take Your Vitamins lineup for a spin, you can shop the entire drop now on the Ulta site, or on the shelves of an Ulta store near you