ColourPop x Halo Top Is The Beauty Collab Of The Summer, & These Eyeshadow Pints Are Too Cute

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Now, I know I'm not the only one who craves ice cream during the hot summer months, right? It's a seasonal staple, and brands like Halo Top Creamery have changed the game over the past few years, ensuring I can enjoy my summer treat while still feeling ~healthy~, which is serious #goals if you ask me. As if tasty, healthy ice cream wasn't enough of a gift, Halo Top has blessed beauty-lovers with something extra sweet this year, and if you're wondering where to get the ColourPop x Halo Top Collection, prepare to amp up your summer eyeshadow looks with eight gorgeous, dessert-inspired shades. Perfect for wearing anywhere and anytime, but especially on ice cream dates.

When I say this is a collab I didn't see coming and didn't know I needed, I truly mean it. While I prefer for most brands to stay in their lane, Halo Top did the opposite, and decided to branch out from their dessert-y roots and try something totally new: makeup. Spoiler alert, they totally nailed it, and with beauty mammouth ColourPop as their partner, how could they not? This collection is literally the perfect recipe, with equal parts sweetness and sass.

I mean, just look at this lineup. Downright delicious, no?

All in all, there are four duos, or "pints," determined by ~flavor~:

Considering bold eyes featuring a wash of one bright color have been super trendy, these color-coded pints are so on point. Shop by Super Shock Shadow shade or go with your gut and snag the duo that matches your actual favorite ice cream flavor. Either way, you'll be pleased.

First up is the Birthday Cake Kit ($12,, with full-on creamsicle vibes:

Courtesy of ColourPop

Okay, yum. This duo includes "Extra Sprinkles," described as a light champagne with chunky gold glitter, and "By The Pound," a pastel orange with multidimensional glitter. Wear "By The Pound" alone for an orange pop, or layer "Extra Sprinkles" overtop for a wash of glitzy sheen.

Next is the Strawberry Kit ($12,, which will have you seeing red, but in the very best way:

Courtesy of ColourPop

This classic flavor's duo includes "Berry Sweet," a warm pink with a sparkly gold flip, and "Jam Out," a vibrant reddish pink with flecks of gold and hot pink. These are two of the most unique pinky shades I've ever seen, so they're definitely worth adding to your collection if you love to play with color.

Next is the Mint Chip Kit ($12, colourpop), which makes this summer's neon green trend super attainable:

Courtesy of ColourPop

Ugh, I'm obsessed with "Semi Sweet," described as a pastel lime with silver glitter. Like, get on my eyes! Paired with "Tassel," a white with silver glitter," on the brow bone and in the inner corner, you'll be serving a scoop of summer alien glam realness. That's a good thing, FYI.

Last but not least, there's the Rainbow Swirl Kit ($12, for a pop of hot pink:

Courtesy of ColourPop

This duo includes "Creamsicle," a bold pink with a blue violet flip, and "Sherbert Day," a light, peachy bubblegum pink with silver flecks. Either of these worn alone all over the lid will give you dreamy summer sunset eyes, so really, what's not to love?

TBH, these eight shades are some of the most unique creations I've seen from ColourPop in a minute, and I love the way they're paired up by pint to make creating an eye look even easier. To truly "treat" yourself and snag this ice cream-themed collab, you can shop ColourPop x Halo Top on the CP website right now.

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