Ouai Just Dropped Chill Pill Bath Bombs, & If You Have A Tub, You Need 'Em

Courtesy of Ouai

Given that Jen Atkin is a celebrity hairstylist, it made sense that her brand, Ouai, debuted with only haircare products. However, the line has expanded tenfold since then, and with every hair product under the sun more or less mastered, Ouai has moved on to blessing us with body products galore. Just a couple months back, they introduced a body cream and body cleanser, and now Ouai's Chill Pills Bath Bombs are here to transform a cozy night in the tub into spa-like bliss. Ouai has never disappointed me before, so I have reason to believe the Chill Pills will be quite chill indeed. At the very least, I know with total confidence they'll smell amazing.

If you ask me, it's only a matter of time until we get our first Ouai serums and facial oils, but until then, I'll delight in the brand's latest launch, the Chill Pills ($28, Ouai). Available now on Ouai's website with six pills per jar, these babies can be dropped into bathwater — use a whole pill or half, depending on stress level — and will ooze relaxation in a matter of seconds. (OK, they'll ooze oils, but same thing.)

Somebody buy me a NYC apartment with room for a bathtub, because I need to try these bath bombs out ASAP:

The formula contains hydrating jojoba oil, glow-enhancing safflower seed oil, and calming hemp seed oil, hence the ~chill vibes~. When asked about the inspiration behind the Chill Pills, Atkin's answer is simple: "Anxiety," she tells Elite Daily exclusively. "JK, but seriously, how stressful are the holidays? We wanted to give our community a way to unwind, without the hangover."

Oh, and just as I predicted, they smell totally amazing:

Courtesy of Ouai

The Chill Pills are infused with the beyond-delightful scent of jasmine rose, and because of this, I can already see them becoming a staple in my bathtime routine. According to Atkin, they really do the trick when it comes to creating a spa-like experience at home. "They turn a boring bath into a dreamy escape," Atkin says. "They are SUPER hydrating for your skin — you will emerge from the tub with the softest skin you've ever had." If you don't have a tub of your own, I highly recommend snagging these for your family members this holiday season, if only for the sole purpose of using them on your next visit home. Shop the Chill Pills now on the Ouai site.