I Tried Ouai's New Body Cleanser & Creme, & Now I Shower Like An Influencer

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Courtesy of Ouai
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Two new products from Ouai in just one day? It not only rhymes, it's delightfully truth, and I'm bringing you this Ouai Body Cleanser & Crème review to let you know how bomb the brand's newest body launches truly are. After getting its start as a haircare brand, Ouai has since expanded into body care as well, and their two latest launches will help you shower like an influencer. At least, that's how they make me feel; plus, they smell amazing, and make my shower shelfies look cute AF.

If you have any interest in hair and don't yet worship at the altar of Jen Atkin, then please DM me, because we need to talk. As a well-known celebrity hairstylist, Atkin launched Ouai back in 2015, and since then, the brand has grown from chic styling products alone to supplements, perfumes, and even body care. "We want our products to make life easier (and a little more luxurious) so people can worry about other things and kill it in their everyday life," Atkin tells Elite Daily. "We want to be there when and where they need us and we’re going to continue to rely on our community to lead us to where that is. We’re not just a haircare brand anymore- it’s a OUAI of Life," she adds.

As a big-time fan of all the products so far, I was more than thrilled to try out Ouai's two new launches:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

Above, the all-new Body Cleanser, and below, the luxe Body Crème:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

First, let's start with the Body Cleanser ($28,, packaged in a circular compontent that I'd argue is the perfect new addition to Ouai's aesthetically-pleasing range. If I had to design my dream cleanser bottle, this would be it — no joke! The slightly blue formula features hydrating jojoba seed oil, nourishing rose hip oil, and conditioning and balancing probiotic lactobacillus ferment, so it's safe to say you're getting more benefits than you would with an old-school bar of soap. My personal favorite thing about this product is the scent, dubbed Dean Street. It's a mix of citrus fruits, apricot, rose, magnolia, muguet, violet, amber, linden blossom, and musk that reminds me of summer in all the right ways. Oh, and the lather features juuust the right amount of bubbles. Bonus points awarded.

Next up is the equally beautiful and blue Body Crème:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

As much as I love piling layers of skincare onto my face, I always end up lazily skipping out when it comes to moisturizing my body post-shower. Because I consider these two products a set, though, I remembered to use the Body Crème ($38, after all my showers this week, and my skin thanked me for it. Upon first inspection, the har of cream (Packaged similarly to the brand's Scalp + Body Scrub!) appears heavy and rich, but the product is incredibly lightweight, and it sinks in quickly upon application. The formula utilizes nourishing cupuaçu butter, softening coconut oil, and conditioning, nourishing squalane. Oh, and spoiler alert, this baby has a bomb scent, too — called Shibuya, notes include mediterranean citrus, warm spices, rose, violet, and white musk.

You know the feeling of coming home from the beach after a long day and jumping into the shower, emerging salty and sandy no more? I never feel cleaner than I do all wrapped up in my towel following a post-beach rinse, and using Ouai's new Body Cleanser and Crème leaves me feeling that level of refreshed after every single shower. If you want your everyday wash to feel more like a special treat, then add these babies to your body care lineup ASAP; the Cleanser is my fave, but the Crème has converted me, a non-moisturizer, into a daily user, and that's saying a lot. To see what all the hype's about, shop both products now online via The Ouai's website and Sephora.

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