Jaclyn Hill Is Relaunching Jaclyn Cosmetics With A New Holiday Collection

Jaclyn Hill / YouTube

You can't keep an OG player down for long. Jaclyn Hill is back with the Jaclyn Cosmetics 2019 holiday collection to win everybody over. After a rocky first launch back in May 2019, Hill and her brand went on a short hiatus to regroup. Five months later, she's ready to serve up some holiday glamor via a multitude of new products. And spoiler alert: There are no lipsticks this time.

After months of silence, an Instagram post to the Jaclyn Cosmetics account declared, "The future is bright," prompting many of Hill's devout fans to shower her with support for the brand's relaunch. Finally, it's been confirmed that a Jaclyn Cosmetics holiday collection will be launching on Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 9 a.m. PT, exclusively on the brand's website. Big deal alert!

Reports of quality issues and hair and fibers on the So Rich Lipsticks, Hill's first launch with her personal brand, resulted in a ton of controversy, refunds, and Hill taking a hiatus from social media. Still, lots of makeup lovers acknowledge Hill's longevity in the beauty influencer space and want to see her back on top after the major blow to her reputation. Hill was the first-ever beauty guru to have a product in Sephora (BECCA's Champagne Pop — iconic!), and she's had a multitude of strong collaborations with Morphe since then, so her fans are hopeful Jaclyn Cosmetics' relaunch will be up to par with previous successes.

For her own brand's holiday debut, it appears Hill is sticking with what she knows best: highlighters.

That's right, the holiday collection will feature loose and powder highlighters, as well as a highlighting palette. In addition to these products, the launch will also include makeup brushes. Because Hill has launched highlighters with Becca and brushes with Morphe in the past, these new Jaclyn Cosmetics releases will have to go above and beyond to impress — and TBH, they look pretty promising.

In terms of pricing, the entire collection hits a variety of price points. The cheapest items from the line are the brushes, with the Mood Light Brush, the Accent Light Brush, and the Beaming Light Brush priced at $24, $20, and $20, respectively. Next, the Beaming Light Highlighter, an intense, powder-to-cream loose highlighter, rings up to $24, and the Mood Light Highlighter, an all-over illuminating powder, costs $32. Finally, the two highlighter palettes, Accent Light and Flash & Flare, both retail for $49. In the video revealing the impending launch below, Hill details and swatches each product in the line and lists further pricing for bundles in the video's description.

Hill attempted to quell the concerns of any skeptics out there, assuring viewers she completely overhauled her manufacturing team with 20 new people and has made sure the places the products are made are known for producing the best of those types of products. And I'd venture to say Hill knows highlighters better than she knows any other product, so hopefully, this collection will be her sweet redemption.

Personally, I've got my fingers crossed for the success of Jaclyn Cosmetics' relaunch. To shop it for yourself and put the quality to the test, hit up the Jaclyn Cosmetics website and snag something from the holiday collection on Nov. 26.