Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Is Seemingly Relaunching Soon With A "Bright" New Drop

Desiree Navarro/WireImage/Getty Images

Waiting until the new year for a fresh start is so overrated — after a rocky debut back in May, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics has announced a brand relaunch, and it's just a few weeks away. While some beauty lovers remain wary after all the lipstick drama, many of Hill's fans are ready and willing to welcome her and her brand back into the beauty community with open arms. Will a fantastic second drop be enough to erase the mistakes made the first time around? It appears we'll find out soon.

Prior to the relaunch announcement, the last post on the Jaclyn Cosmetics Instagram account was uploaded Aug. 16, 2019. The post was an apology, and a promise that the brand would return when the time was right. "At Jaclyn Cosmetics, we're dedicated to giving you the best products & customer experience. It is clear that our first launch did not meet the standards we've set as a brand, and for that we are truly sorry," it read. "We will do better because you deserve better — from us and from our products." After that, radio silence; that is, until Tuesday's news of a comeback.

That's right! Jaclyn Cosmetics is ready for its second act:

"The future is bright. ✨ 11/26/19 #Jaclyn" the brand captioned an image of its J logo. The same message appears on its website, and the Instagram comment section is a fairly even blend of delight and irritation, with devoted fans rooting for Hill and her brand's comeback, and others not so ready to forgive and forget. "Proud of you for not giving up," wrote one commenter. ""Can’t wait!! Ride or dies, I am H E R E for it!!!" promised another. "I hope people can be positive about this launch," read one thoughtful comment, "I know Jaclyn is anxious about it and she deserves lots of love. Your real supporters are always gonna be here."

Hill currently boasts 6.1 million Instagram followers and 5.8 million YouTube subscribers, so it's clear her brand's rocky start hasn't diminished her fanbase:

As of now, there's no word on exactly what is coming Nov. 26, but I'm willing to bet it's something pretty show-stopping, given that so much is riding on the relaunch. Fingers crossed for some sneak peaks before Nov. 26, and if you're one of the fans willing to give Jaclyn Cosmetics another go, be sure to follow the brand's social media accounts to stay connected and learn more about the upcoming drop.