Here's Everything We Know About Item Beauty, Addison Rae's New Brand

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you love TikTok and clean beauty, this upcoming launch is definitely for you. Addison Rae Easterling is launching Item Beauty, her own beauty brand. Although Easterling has vaguely posted about it on her TikTok, she’s been quiet about exactly what fans can expect from the brand’s first launch or when it’s going to happen. However, she has dropped a few hints about what’s to come.

The Item Beauty hype all started when Easterling posted a cryptic TikTok on July 14. The video features the 19-year-old dancing around a city with a dreamy filter over it, and the last frame says, “Item coming soon.” In the caption, she wrote, “I’m working on something super exciting that I can’t wait to share with all of you! #maincharacter #wereanitem.” Unsurprisingly, Easterling's TikTok comments descended into a quick frenzy, and after some searching, fans uncovered the brand’s Instagram.

Since the first hint, Item Beauty has begun posting some content to its Instagram account, but it’s all been very vague. My favorite picture so far is a hand holding something that has been taped over — what could it be? Hush-hush as everything may be, that doesn’t mean Item Beauty hasn’t left some clues to decode. In one post, the brand wrote, “We’re all about good, clean fun,” which has led to speculation that the makeup collection will center on clean beauty products. It’s also hinted that the first drop will be happening sometime in August 2020.

As for where you can get this new collection, Item Beauty’s Instagram has a link to the Item Beauty website. Currently, the site only has the words, “Item a dose of self love” and a place for you to join a mailing list for any Item Beauty updates. Once the brand has its first drop, you’ll likely be able to find all the products on that site.

Easterling isn’t the first TikToker to get involved with the beauty world. On July 20, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio recently partnered with Morphe to create a whole new sub-brand called Morphe 2, and Dixie's also been part of a Dermalogica campaign. With arguably the three most famous TikTokers out there jumping into beauty, I can only assume this will become a larger trend in no time.

Now that the cat’s partially out of the bag, hopefully that means Easterling will reveal more information for fans soon. I, personally, cannot wait to find out exactly what products she plans on dropping and seeing all the new looks she brings to TikTok. For now, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that she reveals more before August.