Selena Gomez's Puma Collection Is Now Sold On Amazon, So Say Hello To 2-Day Shipping Temptation

My identity as an online shopper drastically changed the day I signed up for Amazon Prime. Its ease in placing orders and quick delivery guarantee has made life so much better, but also so much worse, as I now drop more coin than ever before thanks to the hard-to-resist, one-click purchases. That said, I'm always happy to shop on Amazon as opposed to paying for shipping on sites elsewhere, and in the process of searching for where to buy Selena Gomez's Puma Collection, I was shocked and delighted to see the entire line now on Amazon. I was already planning to snag a few pieces, but now I can impulse-buy them from my Prime account and have them at my doorstep in just 48 hours, which makes me about a thousand times more excited to shop.

When it comes to Selena Gomez, I will pretty much buy anything the girl endorses. Coach purses? Sure. Puma sneakers? I'd love some. Wizards of Waverly Place seasons on DVD? She didn't technically endorse them, but I sure as heck purchased them, no regrets. When Sel announced her "Strong Girl" collection with Puma back in November 2018, I was all about the line's mission to embrace and celebrate the variety of ways in which women embodied strength. Typically, physical strength is the only kind of strong focused on by athletic apparel brands, so to see Gomez and Puma working to expand the narrative was as exciting as the cute collection itself.

When Puma launched new pieces for the line in February, I was just as excited, and hit up the brand's site ASAP:

But now that the collection is available on Amazon, I'm tempted to pick up a few more goodies:


Yup, that's right — Strong Girl is officially available on Amazon, complete with Prime 2-Day Shipping and all that jazz. Pinch me, I'm dreaming. What to shop first?

Gomez is always posting looking fierce in her Puma sneaks, so I might need to treat myself to a pair:

Personally, I love the Puma x Selena Gomez Defy Women's Shoe ($110 — that silvery gray and the fun wavy texture really jazz up a basic pair of gym kicks. For style purposes instead of proper gym-wear, I'd love to snag the Puma x Selena Gomez Defy Mid Women's Shoe ($120, as well, because nothing says "cool girl off-duty" like a sleek high-top sneaker, if you ask me.

As far as the clothing, the collection features a lot of mesh, which is both edgy and breathable for working out, so I'm a fan. A popular piece has been the Puma x Selena Women's Dress ($150,, available in sizes XS through XXL, which has a baseball jersey-esque vibe reformulated as an oversized black monochromatic dress with tight mesh sleeves. A bold choice, but if Selena says it's wearable, I'm buying it.

When Gomez spoke to Elle magazine back when Strong Girl launched, she made a point to emphasize that the collection was so much more than just a roundup of athleisure pieces. "I think it’s important for girls to know the strength in everything, their identity and their soul, lies within themselves," she told Elle. "And I think it’s important—I want to remind girls that they’re perfectly strong the way they are."

Gomez is serving up girl power with a side of cute clothes, and I love her for using her platform to spread this message:

You can shop the Strong Girl line on Amazon right this second, but please, don't blame Selena and I for tempting you with that irresistible Prime 2-Day Shipping. Be prepared to want to splurge!