Here's Where To Buy The New Glossier Play Products If You're Craving A Little Color & Sparkle

If you have an Instagram account and have ever in your life purchased a beauty product, you've probably heard by now about Glossier's newest brand, and are wondering where to buy Glossier Play products and experience the newness for yourself. They company started dropping hints about something big coming a week or so ago, but TBH, I was hardly prepared for a whole new line of products, especially one that's such a departure from my original Glossier faves. That said, I couldn't be more excited about all the newness — or more eager to get my hands on it all.

"Our team has been working on Glossier Play for over two years, obsessively nerding out over formulas, searching the world (literally) for the best materials, and finessing shades until they were just right," said the brand in a statement regarding the launch. And now that the products are here, they certainly seem worth the wait. Considering so many of Glossier's original products are now-iconic staples for many, like the blends-right-in Stretch Concealer ($18, and the hair-enhancing Boy Brow ($16,, the brand likely knew any new releases had to be as instantly desirable to really take off. And to ensure they were, they hit us with equally fab formulas, but in more playful hues and finishes.

"With Glossier Play, you’ll find colors you’ve never seen before, luxurious textures that move with you, and products that breath excitement back into your makeup routine," said the brand in a statement. "Glossier Play isn’t about a certain look, it’s about having fun in whatever moment you’re in."

Literally, how could you not have fun when your makeup looks this bomb?

So, where to buy? If you're hopelessly scouring the Internet in search of a Glossier Play site, fair warning, there's no new dot-com to be found. Instead, there's a Glossier Play section on the original Glossier website, where all the products can be purchased with ease. Simple as that!

Me, browsing through all the fun colors and glitters and getting ready to play with my makeup, Glossier-style:

What exactly is there to snag? So glad you asked. There are four makeup products and two tools in the first drop, and each is more colorful and sparkly than the next. Available in 14 fun hues are the Colorslide Technogel Eye Pencils ($15,, super smooth and pigmented liners you can use on the lids, the waterline, below your lashline, and pretty much anywhere else you want. Consider snagging the Blade German Engineered Sharpener ($4, as well, so that they're always in razor-sharp shape.

If you're more into a statement lip than a bold eye, the Vinylic Lip High Shine Lip Lacquers ($16, are for you, available in six glossy shades. Bonus points for the click-pen packaging and cushiony applicator, as well as the mirror-like finish that has me chucking my matte liquid lipsticks into the trash as we speak. Sorry, not sorry!

For some glow, there's Niteshine ($20,, a creamy liquid highlighter available in four shades, from fair and pearly to deep and bronzy. Catch me dabbing this baby on my cheekbones, browbone, cupid's bow, the tip of my nose, and come summertime, pretty much everywhere else I can think of. #GlowySZN is almost upon us, people!

Last but not least, you might as well not buy any festival tickets this year if you aren't planning to snag a few of the Glitter Gelées ($14, as well. There are four shades of this bold, sparkly concoction, with glitters that shimmer with opalescence, iridescence, a metallic sheen, or a holographic shift. You name it, they've got it! Apply with fingers or using the new The Detailer Silicon Precision Multitool ($6, for a little more detail work.

See anything you like? For me, it's pretty much all of it, real talk. If you feel the same, head over to the Glossier Play section of the Glossier website to get shopping before the newness inevitably sells out.