The New Glossier Play Line Has All The Bold Colors You Need To Amp Up Your Weekend Glam

Glossier Play

When I was in college — and TBH, even now as an adult — my friends and I almost always enjoyed the hours spent getting ready more than our actual nights on the town, agreeing that the primping and playing with makeup was more fun than standing in a hot, crowded bar or club. We used makeup to play and be creative with our looks, not just to cover a few rogue pimples or post-studying dark circles, and the idea of makeup as fun and artistic outlet is a viewpoint held by many. That's why so many beauty-lovers are curious about what's in the Glossier Play line, a new brand of high-key products created by low-key brand Glossier. While Glossier is known for no-makeup makeup, natural beauty, and the like, Glossier Play will up the ante with a dose of color, shimmer, and shine.

When you check out the Glossier Play page on the Glossier site, the new line is hailed as "a brand of dialed-up beauty extras," which honestly sounds like the perfect brand for a night-out getting-ready pimp session. All in all, they've made their debut with two tools and four makeup products, in a total of 28 shades.

If you're into wearing festival makeup on an everyday basis, or just looking colorful and glam AF on Saturday nights, then get excited, because this brand really has you covered:

Let's break down these brights, shall we? First up is the Colorslide Technogel Eye Pencil ($15,, which comes in fourteen fun shades. Some of my faves include "Early Girl," an eggshell blue I'd love to throw in my waterline with a naked lid and heavy mascara, as well as "Magic Carpet," a metallic jam that belongs smoked out beneath my lower lashline at any and all concerts I attend from here on out. BTW, if you want these babies ready to go at all times, consider picking up the Blade German Engineered Sharpener ($4, as well.

Glossier Play

Next up is the Vinylic Lip High Shine Lip Lacquer ($16,, a glossy lip with a cushiony applicator in click-pen-style packaging. This baby comes in six wearable yet playful shades, from candy pink "Blow-Up" to terracotta "Disco" to siren red "Baby." Suddenly, all my other shiny lippies seem boring in comparison.

Next up is Niteshine ($20,, which should win awards for unique highlighter packaging. The creamy liquid made of refined pearl powder comes in four shades to provide a wide range of skintones just the right sheen, and you can dab a little (or a lot) onto skin and blend out with your fingers for a gorgeous glow.

Glossier Play

Last but not least, the product that's arguably the greatest departure from Glossier's original barely-there, subdued beauty products, the Glitter Gelée ($14, These little pots pack a lot of power in terms of sparkle, and each of the four shades has its own special superpower, be it an opalescent sheen, an unexpected metallic reflect, a color-changing iridescence, or a holographic shimmer. You can swipe these on with your fingers, or use the second tool in the launch, The Detailer Silicon Precision Multitool ($6,, for more precise placement.

A whole lot of fun, no? The entire collection is available to shop now on the Glossier Play section of the Glossier website. I highly suggest ordering now so that you have time to start dreaming up bold, colorful looks for the coming weekend.