These Are The 3 Scenarios That Are Perfect For Party City’s "Ghosted" Halloween Costume

There’s no denying that October 31 presents the perfect opportunity to laugh at ourselves and all of the absurd things we have to deal with in our days-to-day lives — like ghosting potential partners. Anyone who’s been single in their 20s can relate to engaging in a disappearing act when an overeager date is texting them and they’re no longer interested. TBH, I can’t think of a more relevant Halloween costume for Gen-Y than a girl who ghosts. Luckily, Party City’s "Ghosted" Halloween Costume allows you to take advantage of the humor in this all-too-common experience.

The lewk, which includes a hooded white dress covered in a series of unanswered texts, is enough to spark a little #PTSD for all millennials in your vicinity. Anyone who’s been the ghoster or ghostee will no doubt cringe at the familiar texts on the front of the outfit, which read,“See u tonight?”, “???”, “R U OK!?”, “Hello”, and “Guess not!” with a flurry of emojis. Party City put it best when they said, “Eager texters will know not to bother you in this Ghosted Costume.”

There’s no denying it’s a pretty timely idea given spooky Holiday is right around the corner, but when else should you wear Party City’s "Ghosted" Halloween Costume?There are certain situations that this costume would work particularly well for. Like, say, when your BFF is going as an actual ghost (duo costumes can be a smash success), or you're pretty sure that bartender who dropped off after a couple dates is working at the dive you'll be drinking at. In case you need some inspiration for when to sport this LOL-worthy ensemble on Halloween, here are a few fitting scenarios.

When your date-gone-wrong will be there.

So, you just found out that friend-of-a-friend you were set up with is invited to the same Halloween party you’re going to. You know — the one you went on a few lackluster dates with and never texted back? Yeah, that could be awkward (potentially the understatement of the year).

Maybe you just couldn’t find the words to explain to them that you’re not feeling it. Perhaps you tried to, and they didn’t seem to get it. It's even possible that you only went on one date and figured you could fall off the face of the earth without them noticing.

Regardless of the circumstances, the Ghosted costume could very well be the perfect way to address the situation in a humorous way. Think of it this way: Either they’ll laugh and you can strike up an honest conversation about how things ended to finally clear the air (yay, closure!), or they’ll get the hint that you’re well aware of your ghosting ways and avoid any eye contact. Either way, it's a win-win.

When you’re going to face your ghoster.

If you’re hitting up a Halloween shindig and you just found out that the Tinder date who ghosted you will also be in attendance, this costume offers a perfect way to acknowledge the uncomfortable scenario. One of the best ways to get over something is to laugh about it, right?

Sporting this costume will do several things: It’ll subtly call out your ghoster, it’ll demonstrate that you don’t take yourself too seriously, and it’ll also potentially open up an avenue for you both to address what happened. Who knows? Seeing those unanswered texts on your dress may remind them of how ridiculous they acted, and you may even get an apology out of them. If not, though, you can hold your head high and know that you were able to laugh it off (while looking damn fine at the same time).

When you need a little conversation-starting assistance.

You’re single, you’re ready to mingle, and you’re hitting a soirée where you know there will be plenty of viable crushes. The only challenge? Figuring out a way to muster up the courage to talk to them. Sure, you could stroll up and ask how they know the host, or, if you're feeling shy, keep stealing glances from across the room. Once you're face to face with them, however, what on earth are you supposed to talk about? Should you make small talk about where they go to school, or get straight to flirting by serving up a compliment? Luckily, this costume will become the chatty Kathy you need — you can allow it to do all the talking.

The beauty of a Halloween party is that costumes can provide ideal conversation starters, doing most of the work for you. Instead of having to craft some cute opening line, you can simply comment on what the person’s dressed as, and let the chatting take its course from there. Not only is this the one costume you likely won’t have to explain, but it’s also one that’s bound to get a few laughs. So sit back, relax, and watch as other party-goers smirk and make their way across the room to commend your clever costume. Let's put it this way: If there was a costume contest for Most Likely To Land A Date Next Week, you'd probably win.

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