A "Ghosted" Halloween Costume Finally Exists & It's The Best Thing You'll See All Day

Among common fears like heights, clowns, spiders, and darkness, one thing that could scare almost any single millennial in the dating game is the concept of being ghosted. Regardless if you're ghosting someone or being ghosted yourself, purposely ignoring someone who's interested in you — or getting ignored by someone that you're interested in — is never fun, in the slightest. So, if you're looking to dress up in something that'll freak out all almost all of your friends (and Tinder matches), this Party City "ghosted" costume is pretty hard to beat. Understandably, Twitter is loving it too.

At some point in your childhood, you probably threw a white sheet over your head and called yourself a ghost. Well, Party City's "ghosted" costume is a tiny bit different (and much spookier) than the average sheet. The $25 costume is a white dress that's complete with a hood, and there are blue "text bubbles" going down the entire front side, from top to bottom. The texts appear to be from someone who seems super interested in having a conversation, but, unfortunately, it's completely one-sided. As you probably guessed, this person is getting ghosted. Party City definitely hit the nail on the head with this, as it's super relevant and highly relatable for a ton of lonely folk out there. Some might even say that it's scary relatable. *Cue spooky Halloween music.*

Party City

I mean, just look at how many texts this person sent. They made not two, not three, but five failed attempts to start a conversation. Five... ouch.

Party City

"R U OK!?" has me in literal tears. In this case, the person being ghosted is really pushing for this to work out, and sadly, it looks like their interest is totally and utterly unrequited.

Anyway, many out there in the Twitterverse feel like this was aimed at them, probably because they've gotten ghosted one too many times. It's OK though, I 100 percent feel for each and every one of you. Getting ghosted is a literal nightmare.

Poking fun at failed potential relationships isn't your thing? No worries. You can always opt for a hilariously relevant costume that doesn't quite hit so close to home, check out these DIY meme costumes. While 2018 may have been a bit of a dud, it was an outstanding year for memes. As you can see, there are so many ideas to choose from, spanning from political options like fist pumping Donald Trump, to more happy-go-lucky ideas like Yodeling Walmart boy, Mason Ramsey, or Tide Pods. Each of these concepts are relatively simple, they're super comfortable, and if you ask me, they're totally hilarious.

This day in age, dating can be really, really demoralizing. Seeing your failed attempts to contact someone — especially when it's over text — makes getting ghosted sting just a little bit more. While putting that feeling into a costume form might not be for everyone (see: most of Twitter), it at least provided for some LOLs as you decide on what you'll dress up as for Halloween 2018. So, happy spooky season to each and every one of you. (Oh, except for all you ghosters out there.)