9 Flirty Conversation Starters For Halloween Parties That Are Sweeter Than Candy Corn

OK, forget about Valentine's day — Halloween is honestly one of the most romantic holidays. There's just something about the way a great costume can give you an added confidence and make the usual worries of everyday life fall to the back of your mind. That can honestly make flirting a lot easier. If you don't know how to flirt at a Halloween party with that cutie in the corner dressed as your favorite Avenger, look no further than the following suggestions.

Going to a friend's Halloween party is also a fun chance to get to know people better — including your crush. For instance, when you see your friends in costume, you can get a better sense of their humor and personality. You might also be surprised to see who shows up in a couple's costume together. Let's just hope your crush doesn't come to the party dressed as half of a couple's costume. One good tip to remember is if your crush clearly put time and effort into their costume, they're probably going to love compliments or questions about it. Which is good for you if you've been dying for a reason to talk to them!

If their costume is spooky...

Honestly, when the setting or event is supposed to be as fun as a costume party, sometimes it's OK to be as (candy) corny as you want. If they have a classic spooky costume, like a ghost, ghoul or vampire, consider any one of these lines when starting the conversation. You also can come up with your own line that directly relates to their costume.

  • "Boo! did I scare you? Because your costume spooked me!"
  • "For a second I thought you were a real [insert costume here] and I was worried."
  • "Well, aren't you quite the trick or treat."
If they're not wearing a costume...

The person at the Halloween party that came without a costume on definitely doesn't want to be criticized for it. However they probably still want to talk and have fun. Something that might flatter them is a light-hearted joke about characters with normal clothing that they could potentially resemble.

  • "I like your Sims costume."
  • "Are you dressed as a character from The Office?"
  • "Is there a Superman costume underneath your Clark Kent clothes?"
If you're already friends...

Since you already know each other, you have a lot to draw from. You can pull from your shared experience and relate it back to Halloween. Humor is always a great idea for starting a conversation, especially in a party setting. Try the following to make your crush laugh a little and get the conversation going.

  • "So what are your thoughts on the ambitious actress switch in the fourth Halloween Town film?
  • "Who do you think wins best costume at this party?"
  • "Did you hear the house down the street is giving out full-size candy bars?"

Hopefully your Halloween is as flirty as it is spooky, and with conversation starters you're off to a great start. Always remember that if your crush is interested in you as well, it would be a trick-or-treat for them to talk to you!

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