8 Festive Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Especially Fun For Queer Couples

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It's the most wonderful time of the year — and I am not talking about Christmas. Halloween is just around the corner and if you haven't thought about what you and your bae are going to dress up as, here are some Halloween costume ideas for queer couples. When it comes to having the best couples' costume at the party, queer couples can definitely get it.

If you want to really stun your friends, consider dressing up like the hit pairs in this list. There are no real gender requirements for these costumes, so queering your fave classics like Dirty Dancing or Grease could be a super fun idea. Always remember to be racially and culturally sensitive with your costumes (and honestly, keep this up all year long).

Sometimes, though, it can feel like a bummer when all couples' costume lists are for straight couples. The amount of queer characters in pop culture this year is exciting! What could be cuter than dressing up as Sapphire and Ruby from Steven Universe with your sweetheart? Honestly, I really can't think of anything. In case you were wondering how to recreate these costumes, check out the suggestions below.

Marceline & Princess Bubblegum From 'Adventure Time'
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Double sided cape, $8.90, Amazon

Aqua Cat Ears, $14.80, Amazon

Pink Wig with Bangs, $11.99, Amazon

Like I said, a queer costume for 2018 can't get much better than this. Bubblegum simply needs a cape, an all-pink outfit, and a pink wig. Marceline can pick up some aqua cat ears — pair them with a white T-shirt, jeans and some cool sneakers.

Daphne & Velma From 'Scooby Doo'
Cartoon Network

Orange Turtle Neck, $15.99, Amazon

Magenta Dress, $27.99, Amazon

Nerd Glasses, $7.99, Amazon

This is a great spin on an old classic. You really can't go wrong with this one. Pull off Daphne with this simple magenta dress. For Velma, you can grab an orange sweater and some black glasses from Amazon or reuse a pair of chunky black 3D glasses from your local movie theater.

Yorkie & Kelly From 'Black Mirror's San Junipero'

Purple Denim Jacket, $24.99, Amazon

Stick-On Jewels, $8.99, Amazon

Layered Collar Sweater, $8.99, Amazon

Honestly, these two are a modern queer classic. For Yorkie, layer a sweater over a collared shirt and pair it with some khakis and big glasses. For Kelly, consider bedazzling your own purple denim jacket and pairing it with a black lace bra.

Kate McKinnon's 'Ghostbusters' Costume & A Ghost
Columbia Pictures

Jumpsuit, $34.99, Amazon

Orange Tape, $16.71, Amazon

Mattel Ghostbusters Gun, $30.99, Amazon

Goggles, $14.99, Amazon

OK, is anyone else swooning at Kate McKinnon in this picture? If you choose this couple's costume, your partner will likely swoon at your Ghostbusters get-up as well. This might seem like a tough costume to pull off but you can achieve the looking by taping your own jumpsuit with orange tape. Once you've done that, add the trademark Ghostbusters gun, and some goggles. As for the ghost costume, a classic sheet design could work perfectly.

Cheryl & Toni From 'Riverdale'
The CW

Temporary Hair Chalk, $10.71, Amazon

Choker, $6.39, Amazon

Red sweater, $8.49, Amazon

Black leather jacket, $49.00, Amazon

This is a really fun one if you and your partner are Riverdale fans. For a Cheryl and Toni costume, consider picking up some temporary hair dyes or chalks to achieve their signature hair colors. Pick up a leather jacket for Toni, a red sweater for Cheryl, and simple chokers for both of them to perfect this queer AF look.

Hayley Kiyoko & Kehlani in the "What I Need Music Video"

Yellow Sweatshirt, $12.99, Amazon

Red Crop Top, $11.99, Amazon

Plaid Pants, 11.99, Amazon

If you want to guarantee a win at your queer friend's Halloween party, look no further than a Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani costume. These two blew us away this year with their performance in the "What I Need" music video. Each artist has a specific look in the video that you could replicate pretty easily. For Hayley, consider an oversized windbreaker or sweatshirt, some cool sneakers and some sort of statement metal necklace. For Kehlani, consider this cute red crop top and a pair of plaid pants.

Janelle Monae & Tessa Thompson in the "PYNK" music video.

Pink Dress, $49.50, Amazon

Magenta Sweater Dress, $49.99, Amazon

Another great costume for two women of color, would be Janelle Monae and Tessa Thompson from the "PYNK" music video. Most of the costume is easily accomplished by picking up a light pink dress for Tessa and a bright magenta ensemble for Janelle. Although Amazon isn't selling their iconic pants that resemble vaginas, you could always try making your own!

Ruby & Sapphire from 'Steven Universe'
cartoon network

Blue Princess Dress, $109.00, Amazon

Ruby Jumpsuit, $14.99, Amazon

Red Headband, $7.49, Amazon

Blue Wig, $15.99, Amazon

One of my personal favorite couples in pop culture is the duo in Steven Universe known as Sapphire and Ruby. Not only are they totally cute, they also have the cutest love story ever. You can pick up this blue dress and this red jumpsuit to really pull off the look. In case that doesn't quite cut it, Sapphire could also pick up a light-blue wig.

I hope your Halloween 2018 is as queer as it is spooky. Honestly, just being your queer self at a Halloween party makes for a gay old time. Leveling up your fun with a queer Halloween costume is an added bonus.

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