7 Gender-Neutral Couples' Costumes, So Every Couple Can Rock Them On Halloween

by Jamie Kravitz

Halloween is a time for self-expression, so you shouldn't let gendered costumes get in the way of showing off your creativity come Oct. 31. If you and your partner, BFF, sibling, or anyone else, really, are looking for a unique costume idea that isn't specifically made for one man and one woman (or two women, or two men), you may feel like your only option is to throw on white sheets and go as ghosts. Fear not, though, because these seven gender-neutral couples' costumes for Halloween 2018 are all way more original than that ghostly — er, I mean, ghastly idea.

Maybe you're seriously into makeup and you want to show off your skills, or perhaps you just want a getup that doesn't cost more than 20 bucks. Whatever your goal, I've got you covered. Trust me, in a sea of Bob's Burgers and Game of Thrones couples, you two are sure to stand out. And best of all, I've included links to all of the products you'll need for each costume idea, so you can just click, add to cart, order, and boom — you've won the holiday in just a few minutes.

Halloween might feel far away, but it's going to jump out at you before you know it. Don't get scared, be prepared; go with one (or more!) of these costume ideas that any pair can easily rock.

Oh Deer & Holy Cow
Ashley Batz/Bustle

Leg Avenue Antler Headband, $14.99, Amazon

OH Deer T-Shirt, $19.99, Amazon

Cow Pattern Print Shirt, $15.95, Amazon

Light-Up Halo Headband, $7.95, Amazon

Angel Wings, $13.99, Amazon

If you haven't jumped on the fawn costume trend that's been taking over Halloween these past few years, now's your chance to put all those YouTube makeup tutorials to good use. Once your face is a-doe-rable, add an antler headband and wear brown clothing. You can purchase a printed tee or take the DIY route and paint the word "oh" on a light brown shirt or dress — whatever you prefer.

To match your punny costume, your partner will need an angel halo and wings, and clothing with cow spots (tail and udders are optional). Again, you can either make black spots out of felt and glue them to a white t-shirt, or buy a shirt already printed with the pattern.

Uber & Lyft
Stocksy/Igor Madjinca

Hot Pink Wig, $15.88, Amazon

Hot Pink Mustaches, $3.99, Amazon

Hot Pink Dress, $18, Amazon

Black Sunglasses, $5.64, Amazon

Tuxedo T-Shirt, $11.99, Amazon

Bring some love to the ride-sharing rivalry by dressing up in these Uber and Lyft-inspired costumes with your significant other. Whoever picks Lyft should go all out in the car service's signature color. Wear a hot pink wig, a hot pink mustache (of course), and a hot pink dress, sweater, or shirt and pants.

To imitate the seriousness of the black car service, the person who chooses Uber should wear dark shades and either a black suit or a "tuxedo" t-shirt and black pants.

"Stranger Things"
Stocksy/Michela Ravasio

Thing One T-Shirt, $19.99, Amazon

Thing Two T-Shirt, $19.99, Amazon

Christmas Bulb Necklaces (Set Of Four), $19.99, Amazon

Two-Tone Trucker Hat, $6.99, Amazon

White Faux Collar, $9.99, Amazon

Dressing up as Eleven and Dustin is so 2017. Take your Stranger Things obsession to the next level with this clever take on the popular couples' costume. You and your partner simply don Thing One and Thing Two t-shirts (à la Dr. Seuss), then add a few accessories that identify you as your favorite Stranger Things character. You can wear a necklace of Christmas lights to emulate Joyce Byers, put on a trucker hat like Dustin's, or add a Peter Pan collar to your shirt and hold a box of Eggo waffles in the style of Eleven.

Freudian Slips
lovesimonmovie on Twitter

Fake Beard, $4.90, Amazon

Black Slip Dress, $14.95, Amazon

If you were obsessed with Martin's costume in Love, Simon, why not use it as inspiration for this year's couples costume? Martin's character proved that no matter what your gender, you can totally wear a dress. For this simple costume, you and your partner should both rock fake gray beards and black slips. Print out Freudian words like "id," "ego," and "super-ego," and glue them to your slips to complete the look.

Wine & Cheese
Stocksy/Lyuba Burakova

Cheesehead Hat, $35.35, Amazon

Cheese Baseball Cap, $12.99, Amazon

Loose T-Shirt Dress In Wine Red, $18.99, Amazon

This costume might be cheesy, but that's what makes it so cute. The "cheese" can wear a standard cheese hat or opt for the more stylish baseball cap option. Dress in golden yellow and paint on or glue felt circles to your clothes to look like Swiss cheese.

The "wine" should wear a deep red outfit and accessorize with a headband or necklace made out of corks. Another option is to use styrofoam and spray paint to create a life-size cork that will literally top off your costume.

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
nph on Instagram

Propeller Beanie, $6.08, Amazon

Tweedle Dee T-Shirt, $16.99, Amazon

Tweedle Dum T-Shirt, $16.99, Amazon

If Neil Patrick Harris and his husband can pull off Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, then you and your partner can, too. Rather than dealing with bow-ties, vests, and suspenders, you can purchase adorable all-in-one t-shirts off Amazon (above). Then, all you need to complete the outfit is a propeller beanie and red pants.

Barista & Frappuccino

Starbucks Baseball Cap, $6, Amazon

Starbucks Coffee Company Barista Apron, $19.99, Amazon

Feather Boa In Snow White, $9.99, Amazon

Body-Con Dress In Mocha, $17.99, Amazon

Dress up as actual Starbucks Lovers with this simple DIY costume. One of you wears a Starbucks baseball cap and green barista apron over all-black clothing. The other dresses up like a Frappuccino in a mocha-colored dress (or t-shirt and pants), a white feather boa for the whipped cream, and a DIY straw headband made out of green construction paper. You can also print out and glue the Starbucks logo to your outfit for a finishing touch.

These gender-neutral Halloween costume ideas are definitely creative, but they won't break the bank. Show off to your friends and Instagram followers come Oct. 31 with any of these unique couples' costumes that are sure to impress.

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