Lady Gaga May Have Just Teased New Music Is Coming Sooner Than You Expected

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images/Twitter

Lady Gaga is pregnant... with her sixth album. The singer teased on March 12 that her next album is currently in the works, but when is Lady Gaga's new album coming out? She hasn't announced the release date herself just yet, but her social media is showing the signs that the promotion of the upcoming album is going to start soon. And that means the album itself can't be too far behind.

We've all seen the hints that an artist's new music is coming before. Most recently, when the Jonas Brothers confirmed the rumors that they had gotten back together and were releasing the new single "Sucker," they changed their social media logos that day.

Before Reputation came out, Taylor Swift wiped her social media — logos, tweets, Instagram posts, and all — completely clean, as well as her website, so she could do a mass rollout of her snake promotional videos.

Basically, thanks to social media patterns, fans have been taught to expect new music of some sort whenever an artist changes up their social media. Which is why it's possible that Gaga's sixth album (the name of which has not been revealed) is coming sooner than her tweet on March 12 suggested, as she just changed her social media logos as well.

Up until today, Gaga's social media logos were all promotional images for Enigma, her Las Vegas residency. Now, the logos on her Twitter and Instagram match the new music notes tattoo she got that spell out Gaga.

She debuted the music-themed tattoo on Valentine's Day.

The tattoo shows a clip of sheet music that spells out "Gaga" with the music notes. At first, the tattoo only showed four musical staffs (the horizontal lines), which technically made her tattoo incorrect. She quickly had the tattoo fixed to include the needed fifth staff.

"Musical crisis averted," she said in her caption. "Too many tequilas forgot the fifth staff line poor thing. Here’s the real deal."

She also posted a video of her and her friends laughing after the tattoo was done being fixed.

"As a music theory student I’m appalled," she said in the caption, "as someone having fun with their friends I’m relieved."

Now her Twitter and Instagram logos show the same music notes on a black background with each note labeled. So does this mean new music is coming? Let's break down some clues.

Gaga tweeted on March 12 that she's not pregnant with a child like tabloids had been saying. Nope, she's pregnant with an album.

"Rumors I'm pregnant?" she tweeted. "Yeah, I'm pregnant with #LG6."

Soon after this tweet, Gaga followed Bloodpop and Rihanna. (I don't know why she wasn't following RiRi before — she's Rihanna. But that's beside the point.)

Fans took this as a hint that Bloodpop is doing production on #LG6 (he worked on Joanne as well) and that Rihanna is going to be featured on the album.

Lady Gaga and Rihanna on the same song. Can you imagine that?! I said can you imagine THAT?!

So now that Gaga has changed up her social media logos, the new music could be coming sooner than anyone expected. Could the logo also be a hint at the new album name? She's never released a self-titled album, but doing so right after she had one of the most successful years of her career sounds like as good a time as any.