This Year's Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection Is Almost Upon Us, & Kylie Is Already Dropping Hints

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Real talk, I genuinely feel like Kylie Cosmetics's latest drop, the Under The Sea Collection, was the brand's best launch to date. Those drool-worthy Shimmer Eye Glazes, that colorful-yet-totally-wearable palette, and the pearly pink packaging that truly embodied what summer glam dreams are made of. That said, Jenner and her team have been consistently dedicated to outdoing themselves with each and every collection, with the newest launch always upping the ante, so as KJ's 22 birthday grows nearer, I have to ask: When does the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection 2019 drop? The beauty mogul has already been dropping hints on Instagram, so it's only a matter of time.

Given that last year was Kylie Jenner's long-awaited and heavily-celebrated 21 birthday, the pressure is really on to match last year's hype. 21 is arguably one of the most special birthdays of all, and 22? I mean...There's a pretty decent Taylor Swift song with the same name, but other than that, it's not as exciting. Still, I know Kylie Cosmetics will find a way to make this year's Birthday Collection just as great (Or better!) than last year's, and according to Jenner's Instagram Story, fans will be able to see it for themselves very, very soon.

Jenner took to her Stories this week to share a few dates regarding the upcoming drop:

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

"Officially BIRTHDAY COLLECTION reveal happening August 1st & launching August 10th (my birthday) we went ALL OUT for this collection," Jenner's post revealed. Tea! I knew I wouldn't have to worry about being disappointed — 22 might not be as exciting as 21, but we have Jenner's word that this year's products will still be bomb AF.

While I wait for the new drop, I can't help reminiscing on last year's line. It really was perfect:

I never doubt you, Kylie, but for real — how are you going to top this??

Jenner really mastered red lip options with The Birthday Lip Trio, so perhaps this year she'll take on pink? Purple? Also, that Solo cup packaging couldn't have been more appropro for a 21 birthday:

The products were gorg, but that packaging really does deserve some extra-special praise. It was clear how much time and effort went into each item's design and component! Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin have both been sticking with the baby pink for quite some time now, so I'm hoping this new drop features something a little more ~wild.~

I also wouldn't mind some fire photoshoots. Last year's Matte Lipstick Set was made even better thanks to the portraits of Kylie on each and every component:

Oh, and BTW: Do we think Kylie Skin will be included in the Birthday Collection?

TBH, I hope so! Fingers crossed for a special birthday glow sheet mask or something like that. Maybe a birthday cake mud mask?

Or perhaps more body products. Full-on ~birthday suit~ vibes, anyone?

It could happen! All will be revealed on August 1, and as Jenner confirmed via Instagam Stories, the Birthday Collection for 2019 will drop on August 10.